[Ibogaine] Help stop the senseless drug war!!!!

robert charleston robster1971 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 13:18:21 EST 2009

i am w/ u on this 1 man - it is rough in the states especially when our home
is called the land of the free- the only freedom achieved from upbringing
here i feel is the childhood  and some of the young adulthood through
memories made from self if fortunate to find on own - this came
unfortunately w/ restrictions occuring as well - thank goodness the
memories  for they will always be treasured- this will be awesome when i am
able to chaael more of this freedom through learning and experiencing the
healing and finding evolutionarie cures this root will give to my free soul
because i have found that this is the only free thing throughout life and
unfornately i have yet to experience this complete freedom. i will find 1
way or another i hope to anyway thanks forguidance people of mindvox and
freeing this info! this is from the soul that exists in my being!
On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 1:42 PM, Jeremy Spence <jlspence at mac.com> wrote:

> This is for people of all over the world, even if you are in A-dam, the
> stupid ass USA effects you too!!! The stupid ass USA love spreading there
> stupid ass views!!!! Don't be a victim of this senseless shite!!!!
> Tell every one you can, and donate what you can, even if you are in a
> another country!!!!!  The USA started it all!!!! WE the stupid ass USA are
> to blame for all the stupid ass drugs war over over this earth!!!
> The stupid ass legal system and stupid ass people in power in the USA are
> fucking idiots!!!!!! The DEA has way too much power!!!! Its should be the
> people ruling not the other way around!!! This old school dumb asses need to
> get voted out of power!!!!!!
> Love, peace, and understand need to replace all these stupid ass
> wars!!!!!!! respect for other peoples choices to live life the way they see
> fit and rase their children the way they want to rase them!!!!!!
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