[Ibogaine] Kava Kava usage

Edward A. Weissbard edward.escs at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 14:37:58 EST 2009


Kava is not a Schedule I substance in the US, so it is not illegal to 
use to grow.  There were some past problems with the supplement type 
version of Kava back in early 2000, where a small number of people in 
Europe,died after liver failure due to the poorly made supplements. This 
cause a number of countries(not US) to ban import of Kava, which I 
believe they may be reconsidering now.  The issue was mainly with the 
heavily processed, packaged/Pill form Kava, which contained the leaves 
and stem portions of the plant.  I would not advise that anyone take 
Kava if there are any know serious Liver problems.

It is the root of the plant that is used not the leaves or stems.  The 
Kavalactones are mostly found in roots of the Kava plant(Piper methysticum)


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