[Ibogaine] Help stop the senseless drug war!!!!

Jeremy Spence jlspence at mac.com
Fri Jan 9 13:42:12 EST 2009

This is for people of all over the world, even if you are in A-dam,  
the stupid ass USA effects you too!!! The stupid ass USA love  
spreading there stupid ass views!!!! Don't be a victim of this  
senseless shite!!!!

Tell every one you can, and donate what you can, even if you are in a  
another country!!!!!  The USA started it all!!!! WE the stupid ass USA  
are to blame for all the stupid ass drugs war over over this earth!!!

The stupid ass legal system and stupid ass people in power in the USA  
are fucking idiots!!!!!! The DEA has way too much power!!!! Its should  
be the people ruling not the other way around!!! This old school dumb  
asses need to get voted out of power!!!!!!

Love, peace, and understand need to replace all these stupid ass  
wars!!!!!!! respect for other peoples choices to live life the way  
they see fit and rase their children the way they want to rase  

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