[Ibogaine] Kava Kava usage

Edward A. Weissbard edward.escs at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 20:34:14 EST 2009

Hey Randy,

I've heard of Kava bars, didn't' realize that there were some in NYC.  
My experience last night was peaceful, I did feel quite tired by the end 
of the night.  The first couple of hours where spent in a pleasant mood, 
free of stress and any worries on my mind.  I looked at my daughter and 
saw the beauty in her as she was talking to me, and realized a little 
more how important of a part she is to my happiness.  Most of the night 
I spent playing Lord of the Rings Online, so it was an enjoyable evening 
with my family and my computer.  After the Kava wore off I felt pretty 
spent, so it was time to turn in.  I see Kava as a mild 
sedative/relaxant.  It is distinctly different than an alcohol buzz, 
mainly the mind does not wander and become unstable and for 
me.....uncaring and selfish.  I see it as being hard to become addicted 
to........doesn't taste very pleasant without adding some flavoring to 
cover up it's "earthy" taste and the effects are not so much of an 
escape from oneself, but more integrative.  Over all a safe, relaxing 
and mild experience.  I used 1 cup of Kava to 2 cups of water and 1 cup 
milk along with chocolate powder to cover up the taste........it's more 
of a mild recipe.  As for me, kava has never lead to destructive 
behaviors as it would almost do with alcohol...it's always been a friend 
to me.  The main reason for the interest in ibogaine and being on this 
list, has been my real issues with alcohol and it's related consequences. 

Edward <http://crossloop.com/EdwardWeissbard?type=email>


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