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Hey Randy

Kava Kava is originally used I think in some south Pacific islands (might be slightly off on the geography and I'm too lazy to google it right this minute).  They make a drink of it and it is supposed to be intoxicating to some extent in a downer type of way.  I think I remember getting some of this years and years ago before it got all popular like it is now but it didn't do anything for me.  I had the same experience with valerian, pretty much no noticeable effects for me.  But I think there are probably better sources as well as extracts available now-a-days that are better quality.  For me I probably wouldn't try it because I know from experience that if I like it, it will very likely be addictive for me, and if it isn't something I can abuse then I probably won't like it anyway so what's the point?  Downers are a little too much my thing so better the anxiety that I know then another possible trip on the addiction express you know?

Anyway, on the other thing you said, just do what you have to do to stand in a place of integrity and let other people react however they do.  If you need to apologize then apologize.  Don't do it with an expectation of forgiveness and don't do it with the intent of making yourself feel better, just do it because it's the right thing to do (I mean assuming you feel it is the right thing to do) and then just let events happen however they do after that.  Once you have done your part, let it go.  In time, anything can happen.  I find that the biggest thing that makes people change their attitude towards me is by showing up with integrity day after day and year after year rather than the apologies for the shitty things I did to them in the past.  Some people have literally taken years to come around to treating me well again, some may never come around.  It doesn't matter in the sense that I will continue to treat them with respect and show up
 honestly and responsibly no matter how they feel about me.  Their feelings are beyond my control.  But I respect myself a hell of a lot more when I continually show up this way.


Randy Faulconer wrote: 
         Tell me more. I have heard about places in NYC where a person can go and do shots (drinks, not needles) of Kava Kava for relaxation and social interaction. At least I think it was Kava, it may have been Valerian. Also, I watched the end of a show on HBO or one of those other movie channels where these guys were drinking bowls of some kind of Kava Kava brew and getting buzzed. As always anything that will give you a buzz intrigues me anyway.

      I'm with Ed on this though. Alcohol makes me wanna do stupid shit and has ruined more than one or two friendships. Seems like every time that I have gotten drunk in the past 10 years, something aweful has happened. And I can count on both hands how many times that has been. I still grieve over a couple of things that has happened although there isn't much I can do about them. If people don't want to accept my appologies and my attempts to make things right, what can I do??

      So Ed, tell me how it goes and how much you used and to what effect OK?? There sure are some nights where I'd like to take some kind of relaxant without the trashiness of alcohol or benzo's. With my hyperactive nature I think I deserve it every once in a while.

           Peace Love and Tuinals
               BiscuitBoy Red and Blues

On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 6:41 AM, simon loxton <simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

Some do use it to help with the residual stimulation of iboga; so its not far off topic...

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I hope talking about another "chemical" besides Ibogaine, won't impede the list much.  I just received my ground Kava Kava root shipment today and expect to have a nice, relaxing evening tonight. I have enjoyed the plant a few times in the past, but it's been a while.  I really see a difference in effects compared to Alcohol, which has been more damaging to me, than not.  With Kava, my mind is at peace and I don't get those crazy desires to do stupid, risky things as I would with Alcohol.  Just wanted to see if anyone else on the list had any experience with the Kava Kava.  This is part of my strategy to move from the "synthetic medications" to a more "natural" approach in dealing with myself.
Edward <http://crossloop.com/EdwardWeissbard?type=email>

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