[Ibogaine] Just chemicals in the brain or.......spirit??

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Hi Ed'

A patient of mine put the iboga experience quite well in my opinion and I think it may be applied to any other entheogen. She saw a single leaf which she "zoomed in on" till it was all she could see. A voice said to her that: "Iboga is the food that the body needs to do this" This; being whatever it was; in this case accessing information and opening up memories.

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Hey guys,

I guess I come from a very limited experience back ground when it comes to altered states of mind.  I've always had a hard time in accepting that the "door ways" that may be open to us under certain "entheogenic" experiences are connecting with the spiritual realm in some manner.......whatever the spiritual realm means.  How do you distinguish whether its just a chemical causing a "spiritual" experience or is it causing a door way to oped in our brains to the "spiritual".  I consider myself Agnostic/Pantheist so when it comes to "spiritual" experiences, I always question the true nature and source of it.  I guess if it seems "spiritual" to you, that is sufficient.

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