[Ibogaine] Greatful to be off the Meds....

junkboy junkboy64 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 01:40:41 EST 2009

keep it up!!
the longer i go withouth the HARD drugs, ie: tobacco, alcohol, opiates and
thier like, the better i feel.....

On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 7:14 PM, Edward A. Weissbard
<edward.escs at gmail.com>wrote:

> I'm truly grateful for finishing going through withdrawals from a
> combination of 150mg/day EffexorXR, 450mg/day Wellbutrin XL and
> 333mg-3times/day of Campral.....now thats what you call a synthetic
> psychotropic chemical cocktail.  It's been about about 3 weeks now since the
> meds fully left me, and boy do I feel "cleaner".  Thats what you usually get
> with state run mental health services in dealing with any issues of that
> sort.  What I've learned is that although these chemicals can provide a
> benefit in some situations the cost of the meds and withdrawals are not much
> worth it.....at least for me it wasn't.  I do notice I'm slightly more
> likely to become irritable in some situations, but I hope that my natural
> state will compensate for that.  I've been focusing on more alternative,
> natural remedies to depression and alcohol cravings(Herbal/Meditation and so
> forth).  So far I haven't had a drink since the beginning of November,
> mostly due to my wife and kids support and being stuck at home, which has
> been better for me at this time.
> Peace,
> --
> Edward
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