[Ibogaine] Greatful to be off the Meds....

Edward A. Weissbard edward.escs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 21:14:16 EST 2009

I'm truly grateful for finishing going through withdrawals from a 
combination of 150mg/day EffexorXR, 450mg/day Wellbutrin XL and 
333mg-3times/day of Campral.....now thats what you call a synthetic 
psychotropic chemical cocktail.  It's been about about 3 weeks now since 
the meds fully left me, and boy do I feel "cleaner".  Thats what you 
usually get with state run mental health services in dealing with any 
issues of that sort.  What I've learned is that although these chemicals 
can provide a benefit in some situations the cost of the meds and 
withdrawals are not much worth it.....at least for me it wasn't.  I do 
notice I'm slightly more likely to become irritable in some situations, 
but I hope that my natural state will compensate for that.  I've been 
focusing on more alternative, natural remedies to depression and alcohol 
cravings(Herbal/Meditation and so forth).  So far I haven't had a drink 
since the beginning of November, mostly due to my wife and kids support 
and being stuck at home, which has been better for me at this time.



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