[Ibogaine] In case Santa didn't

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Fri Jan 2 16:58:40 EST 2009

Hi Preston,
Happy New Year hopefully.
Over 2 million people a year buy and use mushrooms in Amsterdam  
without fatal incidents. People still kill themselves from mis-use of  
alcohol and cigarettes.  Still, the continued world wide US instigated  
war on drugs continues to be a failure. 5000+ dead in Mexico and the  
US because of drug war violence in 2008. Mexican gang war turf invades  
Los Angeles like cancer. People accidently drive into the wrong  
neighborhoods and get shot and killed because of drug gangs.  The law  
and legislators are complicit in this criminal activity. War  
perpetuates war and the killings won't stop from harsher wars.  
Trillions of dollars wasted for nothing but more and more trouble.   
Drug prohibition never saved any of my old dead high school friends  
lives nor created any decent respect for the law in my observations.  
Alcohol prohibition in the 1920's made the mold for the model that  
created the present world wide criminal enterprise in illegal drug  
trade and there is no new paradigm in sight except to end prohibition.
Maybe they should ban money instead of mushrooms. More people kill  
themselves and jump off bridges and out of high-rise buildings because  
of money than magic mushrooms. Bans on mushrooms never really saved  
any lives no matter what kind of mushrooms. The only salvation is  
education and respect for self and others. I don't think harsh drug  
laws create respect, only resentment and opportunities to exploit for  
profit. As long as people live and breathe there will always be a  
demand for something to alter consciousness. Better to make the world  
a safer place in which to live by harm reduction programs instead of  
drug-prisons which are actually criminal universities. Better to  
legalize Ibogaine so the proper reseach can be completed so people who  
are having a problem with addictive drugs can get off of them or  
manage their pain more effectively. Pharmaceutical companies against  
Ibogaine are against the true well being of humanity. Self-serving  
profit-motivated BS.

On Jan 2, 2009, at 11:48 AM, Preston Peet wrote:
> The three titled under "related articles" are all active links at  
> the immediately following URL, so be sure to visit those too, for  
> even more on the "ban":
> http://www.expatica.com/nl/news/local_news/Troubles-with-magic-mushroom-ban_47814.html
> Troubles with magic mushroom ban
> Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen refuses to implement the measure due to  
> difficulties.
> Related Articles
> Amsterdam will not enforce mushroom ban
> No more magic mushrooms for the Dutch
> Magic mushrooms ban upheld
> 4 December 2008
> AMSTERDAM - Dutch ministers are divided over the ban on magic  
> mushrooms which began Monday. Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen is refusing  
> to implement the measure in the capital because of the difficulties  
> involved.
> One issue is the difficulty distinguishing between hallucinogenic  
> varieties and ordinary edible mushrooms.
> Christian Democrat Health Minister Ab Klink says he is relying on  
> the police to enforce the law.
> However, Interior Minister Guusje ter Horst, a member of the Labour  
> Party, says she understands Mr Cohen's point of view.
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> Thanks Marko;
> On the subject of mushrooms: I heard from a friend of mine in  
> Amsterdam that mushrooms are now illegal! Sometimes I wonder which  
> direction we are heading in. In most cases when there is a recession  
> things turn a bit more conservative. Ass-biscuits!
> Si'
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> Dave Hunter, gammalyte at gmail.com
> Marko
> simon loxton wrote:
>> Hello Marko;
>> Where are they available from?
>> From: marko <marko at phantom.com>
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>> Subject: [Ibogaine] In case Santa didn't
>> bring you everything you asked for ( Ibogaine, or at least those  
>> pretty red mushrooms with white spots), I think that DH still has a  
>> few of his awesome Ibogaine posters, but hurry with orders, there's  
>> not enough for everyone!
>> Attached photos are merely bad reflections of originals...
>> Enjoy 2009,
>> Marko
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