[Ibogaine] In case Santa didn't

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The three titled under "related articles" are all active links at the immediately following URL, so be sure to visit those too, for even more on the "ban":


Troubles with magic mushroom ban 
Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen refuses to implement the measure due to difficulties.
Related Articles 
Amsterdam will not enforce mushroom ban
No more magic mushrooms for the Dutch
Magic mushrooms ban upheld4 December 2008

AMSTERDAM - Dutch ministers are divided over the ban on magic mushrooms which began Monday. Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen is refusing to implement the measure in the capital because of the difficulties involved. 

One issue is the difficulty distinguishing between hallucinogenic varieties and ordinary edible mushrooms.

Christian Democrat Health Minister Ab Klink says he is relying on the police to enforce the law. 

However, Interior Minister Guusje ter Horst, a member of the Labour Party, says she understands Mr Cohen's point of view.

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Thanks Marko;

On the subject of mushrooms: I heard from a friend of mine in Amsterdam that mushrooms are now illegal! Sometimes I wonder which direction we are heading in. In most cases when there is a recession things turn a bit more conservative. Ass-biscuits!


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Dave Hunter, gammalyte at gmail.com


simon loxton wrote: 
Hello Marko;

Where are they available from?

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bring you everything you asked for ( Ibogaine, or at least those pretty red mushrooms with white spots), I think that DH still has a few of his awesome Ibogaine posters, but hurry with orders, there's not enough for everyone!

Attached photos are merely bad reflections of originals...

Enjoy 2009,



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