[Ibogaine] smoking

Scott Doran doranman2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 07:58:47 EST 2009

Just in case there is anyone out there who thinks that smoking isn't so bad,
let me warn you otherwise. My Dad smoked two packs a day for forty years. He
was a tough guy and never believed that it would make him ill. His last year
of life, after his wife died of lung cancer, he was too weak to even make it
to the bathroom. Not getting enough oxygen to the brain is the most extreme
physiologically induced state of anxiety that you can possibly imagine. I
would rather overdose on heroine as a young man than die of respiratory
problems at any age. Show what a rebel you are by giving up all the crap
that they are trying to sucker us into putting into our bodies. Take a nice
vacation with all the money you will save..
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