[Ibogaine] U R Verwy Verwy Wude! flattery will get you nowhere honey pie

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Well I am sick of this sentiment that ibogaine should be given away freely and this whole altruistic nonsense; I am not British I am far worse; South African LOL. There is a lot of work people do with ibogaine that they don't get paid for and I don't suffer fools which I would not regard an issue just a way at getting a cheap laugh. I just say it like it is. Which has the strongest desire; easy the user. There is a higher desire to use than to quit. Why not ask about all the work she (Mash) gave Patrick or ask doctor Mash. You pay to use and you pay to quit why should quitting be cheaper. No one is holding a gun to your head you can go cold turkey or you can pay millions or if you are really clever you can get sponsored. The choice is always yours so go back to your tee-pi or get constructive like Randy! Dana;Howard;Marko;Dimitri sorry but this is going to sound like the oscars but you get the point and just for your limited information the Fang created the mix between Catholicism and dissumba which is fine. Its just a new development taking people away from what was theirs originally.   bwekaye!Aie!Basse! Nzegho! 

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...while offering the benefit of the doubt to DR Mash.Does that cost Big Bucks too?Are you taking up an offering for DrDebbie?Has she ever worked Pro Bono?I've not read Anything suggesting altruism on her part.Maybe you can enlighten us.
 1.Wonderfull............................etcYour point being?Point being- well, really the point was to ask a question.Thank you for platform:Which has strongest desire?Person desiring to use?Person desiring to quit?Which FUCKING PUSHER or DOCTOR has the lousier "work ethic"?A Pusher charging $$$ to a user?A Doctor charging $$$ to a quitter?
 2.Stick it to some of the most .....................................etc
Now here this is bollocks; "bollocks" ha! .. I thought you might be a stinky Brit.
doc Mash Vulnerable Ho! Ho! pun intended or not; NO No not Mash Vulnerable. Read again.The PEEPS who come to her vulnerable.
dont get Howard going on this one and who is Jesus; never heard of him Jesus and the Bwiti are good friends.Haven't you heard?
 3. Sounds like a..........................etcNow we are talking the business of big pharma! And the doctor in their pockets who demand people sign non-disclosure agreementsto protect their ability to get their god-damned patents on free members of theplant kingdom.
Turn on; cash up;  drop dead!  Do us a favour.When did you develop that nasty habit of casting a pox on peoplefor writing one email you disagreed with-beforeorafteriboga?"Drop Dead!?!"WHOA!, cowboyare you for real?If you are post-iboga, the Bwiti weren't able to help you addressyour anger issues..."Phhhhppptttthhhhppt!" (as Bill the Cat would say)
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