[Ibogaine] Driver found guilty in horse-riding crash

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Hi Phillip,


I'm happy some justice came to this guy. Thanks for sharing your story.






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Here's the verdict in the case.

We're all happy this part of the mess is over with.
I talked to Anzelle, my former wife, who was the only one not physically
injured in this deal, and she actually agreed with me that 9 years was too
much. I guess we'll see next week.

Man faces up to nine years in prison in alcohol-related collision that
injured four

A Santa Fe County man who drove into a family on horseback whiledrunk in the
fall of 2006 will face up to nine years in prison after ajury found him
guilty Thursday on four charges related to the crash.

The jury of seven men and five women found Thomas 'Kenny'Tomlinson, 31,
guilty of two counts of causing great bodily injury byvehicle for hitting a
then-12-year-old girl and her father, and twocounts of cruelty to animals
for killing two horses the girl and herbrother were riding. The jury
acquitted him of one count of greatbodily injury by vehicle in the case of a
third brother who was kickedin the head by a horse during the commotion, and
one count of failureto render aid. 


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