[Ibogaine] "He drinks beer like we drink water"

Warren L. Theriot wleetheriot at ca.rr.com
Wed Mar 19 22:16:15 EDT 2008

Sounds like he won't be rehabilitated from alcoholism in 5 years so I  
would give him the 12 1/2 for killing the two horses.

On Mar 19, 2008, at 5:20 PM, Phillip Fiuty wrote:

> My personal belief about this is that the defense attorney knows  
> that there's no winning this case, so they're trying to make a  
> point. One that I don't really disagree with.
> PF
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> And, last I heard, there're not differing rules for those who  
> habitually drink as opposed to those of us who don't and feel our  
> beer more readily.
> I mean, this is a pretty lame argument, that he drinks cases during  
> normal drinking bouts so he wasn't as drunk as others would have  
> been after drinking the same amount. Yes, he may very well be less  
> affected by his drinking such amounts compared to me were I to  
> drink to such abandonment. If his breathalizer test/blood tests  
> showed such and such an amount, he's legally libel, yes?
> Perhaps I'm biased because I know some of those injured by this  
> idiotic imbecile, but I pretty much agree with you Phil, that he  
> should get some heavy sentence due to sheer stupidity and with  
> Matt, that the jury will hopefully find him guilty for his blatant  
> shirking of responsibilty.
> Preston
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> I imagine the jury would be more likely to find this guilty based  
> on the fact that he is trying to shirk all responsibility for it.   
> It sounds like a bunch of lame excuses to me.
> Matt
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> Here's a real harm reduction twister for y'all.
> This is from this weeks trial against the drunk driver that hit my  
> former wife, her husband and his three kids, killing both of their  
> horses and almost costing Emily (see story) her leg. My daughter,  
> Lasya, would've been riding the colt if my current wife, Annelise,  
> had not picked Lasya up for a dance class mere minutes before this  
> happened. If she had been riding the colt, she would've been  
> splattered into the grill of his truck like a bug. As it was, this  
> was the eve of her fifth birthday, so both of 'her' horses were  
> killed for her b-day and her step sister was in the ICU.
> The collateral damage from this fucked up six different immediate  
> families, and indirectly cost what minimal good relations I was  
> able to forge (at the time) with my first wife, and damn near cost  
> me my second marriage.
> So, I should state here that I don't fully disagree with the  
> defense attorney's argument that him being drunk was not the cause  
> of the accident, or that he should not go to jail because he was  
> drunk. This is knowing that the skid marks were in the dirt of the  
> horse trail, not in the road, that it was actually cloudy that day  
> and "the sun in his eyes" was actually the dashboard obstructing  
> his vision while he reached onto the passenger floor for another  
> brew, or that the 'dip' in the road referred to in the defense  
> argument is actually a straight down-hill run less than a quarter  
> mile from the beginning of the road, or that he drove off after  
> hitting two horses, let alone the riders, and he claimed to have  
> not noticed. Or that the road is an established equestrian trail,  
> or that this guy's job at the time was taking care of horses on the  
> same damn road.
> It should also be noted that I don't like my former husband-in-law  
> one tiny bit, but this is not a factor in my musings here.
> I think this guy needs to go to jail for being a dumb-fuck. 12  
> years is excessive for dumb-fuckedness, but I'd have to say five  
> would probably be fair here. And no more drivers licsense. Ever.
> PF
> Attorney argues family members on horseback were riding in the  
> middle of the road
> Jason Auslander | The New Mexican
> 3/17/2008 - 3/18/08
>  A 12-year-old girl on horseback hit by a drunken driver south of  
> Santa Fe in 2006 ended up in the bed of the man's pickup and had to  
> throw beer cans at his back window in an effort to get him to stop,  
> a prosecutor said Monday.
> "(She was) bleeding and screaming," Assistant District Attorney  
> Chris Conlee told jurors during opening arguments in the trial of  
> Thomas Tomlinson. "He kept driving nearly 700 feet before stopping."
> Other members of the Scrimshaw family also were hurt in September  
> 2006 when Tomlinson, 41, crashed his Ford F-150 truck into Emily  
> Scrimshaw and her horse, Ladybug, Conlee said. Ladybug was pushed  
> into the family's other horse, Scotty, which was being ridden by  
> Dylan Scrimshaw, 14. Dylan was thrown off the horse but suffered  
> only minor injuries. His 9-year-old brother, Nathan, was kicked in  
> the head by Scotty, Conlee said, while the children's father, Scott  
> Scrimshaw, suffered a broken wrist and broken clavicle, he said.
> Ladybug died instantly, while Scotty had to be euthanized at the  
> crash scene on Bonanza Creek Road .
> Tomlinson's breath-alcohol content was .15, nearly twice the legal  
> driving limit. He is charged with three counts of causing great  
> bodily injury by vehicle, two counts of animal cruelty and one  
> count of causing an accident involving serious injuries. He faces  
> up to 12 1/2 years in prison.
> In his opening statement Monday, Dan Marlowe — Tomlinson's attorney  
> — did not dispute that Tomlinson was intoxicated when he hit the  
> family. In fact, he said, Tomlinson has been drinking beer since he  
> was 16 and often puts away more than a case of beer a day.
> "He drinks beer like we drink water," Marlowe told jurors.
> Instead, Marlowe partially blamed the setting sun and a dirty  
> windshield, but also said the family was riding against traffic and  
> walking in the middle of the road. Also, the Scrimshaw family was  
> on the other side of a dip that Tomlinson couldn't see the other  
> side of when the accident occurred, he said.
> "The fact that he was drinking was not what caused the accident,"  
> Marlowe said. "The reason these people were injured was not because  
> he was drunk but because they were in the middle of the road."
> Marlowe also criticized the Scrimshaw family for riding on the road  
> when a nearby horse trail was available.
> "Nobody likes Tom Tomlinson because he plowed into a family on  
> horseback," he said. "But there are other factors there and you  
> can't ignore them."
> Conlee said the family was trying to get off the road at the time  
> of the crash because they saw the truck barreling down on them at a  
> high rate of speed. There was nothing accidental about the crash,  
> he said.
> "Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a case of an accident," he said.  
> "This is a case of a man getting drunk nearly two times the legal  
> limit."
> Marlowe disagreed.
> "This was an accident," he said. "He couldn't see anything. He was  
> basically blinded by what happened."
> Tomlinson's trial is scheduled to last until Thursday.
> Contact Jason Auslander at 986-3076 or jauslander at sfnewmexican.com.
> I want to read and/or post comments on this story
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