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     Damn Phillip, sorry that your family had to go through this. I hope
everybody has healed OK and the kids aren't traumatized too much by what
happened to their horses. This sucks and the guy responsible should own up
to what he did. I hope he's getting sued. Is he?

           Stay good bro

On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 1:38 PM, Phillip Fiuty <phillipfiuty at hotmail.com>

> Here's a real harm reduction twister for y'all.
> This is from this weeks trial against the drunk driver that hit my former
> wife, her husband and his three kids, killing both of their horses and
> almost costing Emily (see story) her leg. My daughter, Lasya, would've been
> riding the colt if my current wife, Annelise, had not picked Lasya up for a
> dance class mere minutes before this happened. If she had been riding the
> colt, she would've been splattered into the grill of his truck like a bug.
> As it was, this was the eve of her fifth birthday, so both of 'her' horses
> were killed for her b-day and her step sister was in the ICU.
> The collateral damage from this fucked up six different immediate
> families, and indirectly cost what minimal good relations I was able to
> forge (at the time) with my first wife, and damn near cost me my second
> marriage.
> So, I should state here that I don't fully disagree with the defense
> attorney's argument that him being drunk was not the cause of the accident,
> or that he should not go to jail because he was drunk. This is knowing that
> the skid marks were in the dirt of the horse trail, not in the road, that it
> was actually cloudy that day and "the sun in his eyes" was actually the
> dashboard obstructing his vision while he reached onto the passenger floor
> for another brew, or that the 'dip' in the road referred to in the defense
> argument is actually a straight down-hill run less than a quarter mile from
> the beginning of the road, or that he drove off after hitting two horses,
> let alone the riders, and he claimed to have not noticed. Or that the road
> is an established equestrian trail, or that this guy's job at the time was
> taking care of horses on the same damn road.
> It should also be noted that I don't like my former husband-in-law one
> tiny bit, but this is not a factor in my musings here.
> I think this guy needs to go to jail for being a dumb-fuck. 12 years is
> excessive for dumb-fuckedness, but I'd have to say five would probably be
> fair here. And no more drivers licsense. Ever.
> PF
> Attorney argues family members on horseback were riding in the middle of
> the road
> *Jason Auslander* <jauslander at sfnewmexican.com> | The New Mexican
> 3/17/2008 - 3/18/08
>  A 12-year-old girl on horseback hit by a drunken driver south of Santa Fe
> in 2006 ended up in the bed of the man's pickup and had to throw beer cans
> at his back window in an effort to get him to stop, a prosecutor said
> Monday.
> "(She was) bleeding and screaming," Assistant District Attorney Chris
> Conlee told jurors during opening arguments in the trial of Thomas
> Tomlinson. "He kept driving nearly 700 feet before stopping."
> Other members of the Scrimshaw family also were hurt in September 2006
> when Tomlinson, 41, crashed his Ford F-150 truck into Emily Scrimshaw and
> her horse, Ladybug, Conlee said. Ladybug was pushed into the family's other
> horse, Scotty, which was being ridden by Dylan Scrimshaw, 14. Dylan was
> thrown off the horse but suffered only minor injuries. His 9-year-old
> brother, Nathan, was kicked in the head by Scotty, Conlee said, while the
> children's father, Scott Scrimshaw, suffered a broken wrist and broken
> clavicle, he said.
> Ladybug died instantly, while Scotty had to be euthanized at the crash
> scene on Bonanza Creek Road.
> Tomlinson's breath-alcohol content was .15, nearly twice the legal driving
> limit. He is charged with three counts of causing great bodily injury by
> vehicle, two counts of animal cruelty and one count of causing an accident
> involving serious injuries. He faces up to 12 1/2 years in prison.
> *In his opening statement Monday, Dan Marlowe — Tomlinson's attorney — did
> not dispute that Tomlinson was intoxicated when he hit the family. In fact,
> he said, Tomlinson has been drinking beer since he was 16 and often puts
> away more than a case of beer a day.
> "He drinks beer like we drink water," Marlowe told jurors. *
> *Instead, Marlowe partially blamed the setting sun and a dirty windshield,
> but also said the family was riding against traffic and walking in the
> middle of the road. Also, the Scrimshaw family was on the other side of a
> dip that Tomlinson couldn't see the other side of when the accident
> occurred, he said.
> *
> *"The fact that he was drinking was not what caused the accident," Marlowe
> said. "The reason these people were injured was not because he was drunk but
> because they were in the middle of the road."
> *
> Marlowe also criticized the Scrimshaw family for riding on the road when a
> nearby horse trail was available.
> "Nobody likes Tom Tomlinson because he plowed into a family on horseback,"
> he said. "But there are other factors there and you can't ignore them."
> Conlee said the family was trying to get off the road at the time of the
> crash because they saw the truck barreling down on them at a high rate of
> speed. There was nothing accidental about the crash, he said.
> "Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a case of an accident," he said. "This
> is a case of a man getting drunk nearly two times the legal limit."
> Marlowe disagreed.
> "This was an accident," he said. "He couldn't see anything. He was
> basically blinded by what happened."
> Tomlinson's trial is scheduled to last until Thursday.
> *Contact Jason Auslander <jauslander at sfnewmexican.com> at 986-3076 or
> jauslander at sfnewmexican.com.*
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