[Ibogaine] side effects of suboxone(naltrexone?)

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Mon Mar 3 18:23:36 EST 2008

hey adam, ive been on suboxone for just over a year now.  i went on it after doing ibo.  i dont know how long youve been 
on it but i know for the first 3 weeks while i was stabalizing i hated. i persisted though cos i didnt want to go back on methadone.
in the first few weeks on sub i experienced headaches and extreme anxiety. now, just over a year later i have halved my dose 
and im down to 12 (thats a huge thing for me). the reductions are painless, only the last 2 have been noticeable and at worst
they are like having a very slight touch of the flu.  i do remember the first few weeks being very uncomfortable and the docs 
gave me some other pills (anti depressants) to try and help that but in my case the extra pills made things worse and i cut them out.
when i finally stabalised, could get a proper nights sleep and had no desire at all to do heroin - i fell in love with these revolting
citrus tasting pills,  hang in there

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maybe so,but why would i go back on dope if i dont want it.Of course i was a little naive about the whole thing, i dont know what i really expected.anyhoo,its been a long winter,and i havent beenworking much, so ive been a stay at home dad , on this stuff.maybe i just need a real shot of sping.randy, thanks,i will call you.by the way, its jaspers 2nd birthday today, so im in a better m ood. adam
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