[Ibogaine] side effects of suboxone(naltrexone?)

Adam Nodelman jonathanswiftboat at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 3 00:45:18 EST 2008

how ever  you spell it,there is something wrong with this stuff.i feel like crap half the time.after a certain point i question the continued use of this treatment .'well at lest you haven't been using dope for a long time,your better off'"I'm not so sure about that.what are the long term(or short term) side effects of either bupe,and especially with naltrexone.i  can give some short term side effects i have experienced.as i just stated,i feel like crap alot.headaches,a general malaise,a low level coming and going of feelings of withdrawal.i don't think theres any other word for it.and its frustrating to feel like shit half the time,headaches,cold sweats halfway to and from nowhere.my instincts tell me that its the naltrexone.lets face it, we need our endorphins for other things besides getting high.mood swings and depression,anxiety to the point of danger.at first,i felt a sense of elation;the harm reduction components involving suboxone were
 powerful;no stigma at the doctors office,drug store and little or no effect on my daily life.after about 5 or 6 months things began to change in a subtle and profoundly negative way.despite its convenience(another harm reduction property)the bupe+ naltrexone before mentioned side effects seem to have a growing negative effect on me.just because one does not go running back to dope does not a successful treatment make.the long term effects?who knows/who knew that methadone could rot your teeth etc when it came out in the late 60's?and that's just  swallowing the juice.with this stuff you have to keep the suboxone IN your mouth along with the resulting saliva for at least 10 to 20 mins.what will that do to my once perfect,now sadly tarnished yet still beloved teeth?man im bummed.my instincts also tell me that the reason there is a lack off stigma has more to do with the naltrexones blocking effects(clockwork orange,i don't or should not have free will to
 use opiates)then any change off heart towards my situation,choices, wants and needs.in short,i couldn't get high if i wanted to and that's the way alot of people across the board think it should be.and what happens if I'm in a fucking flaming car wreck and cant explain to the cynical ems personal that i require LARGEammounts of phentenal.i could either slowly die in agony or immediately of shock.see where my heads at?and no I'm not going to where a wrist band proclaiming to the world(and my new boss or land lord )that I'm on something of this nature.has anyone else shared these bad vibes and experiences?this really sucks ass.i feel jealous of people who feel normal.just like the bad old days.the only dif is that I'm not even on dope now. AARRRRRGGGHHH.!!!!!      

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