[Ibogaine] Drinking makes heart grow more sorrowful, study finds

Adam Nodelman jonathanswiftboat at yahoo.com
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replacing negative memorys with early positive memories?sounds like the iboga effect to me.adam

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The age-old belief goes that alcohol helps people drown their  
sorrows, but
in truth the bottle only makes bad memories linger, a Japanese study  

Researchers at the University of Tokyo concluded that ethanol -- an
intoxicating agent in alcohol -- does not cause memory to decrease, as
widely believed, but instead locks it in place.

The researchers, led by pharmacology professor Norio Matsuki, gave mild
shocks to lab rats to condition them to fear. As a result, the rats  
freeze in terror and curl up the moment they were put in their cages.

Researchers then immediately injected the rats with ethanol or saline.

The researchers found that rats with alcohol in their veins froze up for
longer, with the fear on average lasting two weeks, compared with  
rats that
did not receive injections.

"If we apply this study to humans, the memories they are trying to  
get rid
of will remain strongly, even if they drink alcohol to try to forget an
event they dislike and be in a merry mood for the moment," the study  

"The following day, they won't remember the merriness that they  
felt," it

Matsuki said the findings offered lessons for people living with bad

"To forget something you dislike, it's best to overwrite the negative  
with a positive memory at an early stage and leave out drinking  
Matsuki advised.

The study was published in the US academic journal  

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