[Ibogaine] NYTimes.com: Russia Scorns Methadone for Heroin Addiction

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Wed Jul 23 10:28:00 EDT 2008

E-Mail Thisrussia is mafia run, period. so no competition or legalization period.
its the illegal drugs profit motive, keep it illegal, keep the mafia makin bucks,
which kickback to politicians, to keep things status quo.
oh well, I am not a big fan of methadone anyway, after everything I have heard
on this list, it sounds like the worse thing to kick. so maybe the russians
are doing a favor to their people, for the wrong reasons.
"Love converts hearts, and gives peace."

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              Note last few lines: I am for any scientific, medical approach to treatment, said Albert Y. Zaripov, a former heroin addict who counsels users in Kazan. He began shooting heroin more than a decade ago with a group of 10 friends. Four are in jail, another four remain chained to their addictions, and two died. He alone quit, but after he had contracted H.I.V. If there is another treatment besides substitution therapy, theres no problem, he said. But I havent heard of anything else that has helped or that is more effective. Regards, Rachel 

              HEALTH   | July 22, 2008 
              Russia Scorns Methadone for Heroin Addiction 
              By MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ 
              Though heroin abuse is widely linked to Russia's H.I.V. epidemic and the spread of criminality, the issue of methadone treatment is all but taboo. 

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