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Matthew Zielinski masterhermesbathory at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 17:35:36 EDT 2008

Hi Matt

Oh man what a thrill ride!!  I know its an incredible time filled with joy
and tons of adreneline ;-)

I bet when you landed you felt a bit weak in the knees ;-))

And a flip on top of that eh!!  How exciting!!  I can imagine the adrenilne
running on overtime and the thoughts of should I or maybe I should wait for
next time.  I cant wait for my turn.  I know I will do it before the summer
is over.  They are open until october.

Yah in the solo ride they activate the parachute immidietly where as in the
tandem ride they say you free fall for about 30 or so seconds.  I was
reading that the solo ride is from only 3000 feet which doestn seem right.
The tandem is only about an hour instructions where as the solo is about
four hours.  I havent contacted them  to confirm all the details since I
cant afford it now but when the time draws near I will pick the right place
and the right program.

Man I cant wait!! Its just what I need now you know.  Some clean wholesome

If you have the video for it and want to post it I would be very glad to
watch it

Take care bro

On 7/20/08, Matt Shriver <ibogamail at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Matt
> I highly recommend it.  It is so satisfying when you push through a huge
> fear like that.  We went up in a relatively small plane, it was one of those
> single prop, 2- seater private planes that you see all over at small
> airports where people who have private planes park them.  But in this case
> they had removed that second seat and there was only a pilot seat and some
> matting to fill the rest of the plane where we all sat or hunched or
> squatted down.  In the outmoded, arbitrary measuring system they use in this
> country we jumped at about 10,500 feet which is about 3200 meters for people
> who live in countries where they use logical, globally-standardized
> measuring systems.  When they opened that door, holy crap!  The wind blowing
> and shit and then these other two guys start climbing out and hanging off of
> the wing strut and the door, standing on a step that they had built onto the
> wheel, now that was freaky to see.  We basically launched from the doorway
> but in order for all of us to jump together these guys had to get outside
> and hang on until we were ready to jump from the doorway.  Watching them do
> that was very surreal and meanwhile I am scooting toward the doorway myself,
> with that crazy powerful wind blowing, wowie that was crazy.
> So yeah they had two options for first timers like myself, tandem and
> static line.  Although they told me they don't really use a static line.
> What they do is, when you are getting ready to jump, the guy behind you in
> the plane has the pilot chute (that basically opens your main chute) in his
> hand.  So when you jump he just tosses it behind you.  But even though in
> that case you are jumping solo you actually get almost no free fall since
> your chute opens right away.  So I decided to do tandem so I can get some
> free fall.  I also got the tandem instructor to agree to throw a flip as we
> exited the airplane which was cool too.  I was so totally out of my element
> that I didn't even really recognize that we had done a flip and when I
> watched on the video that one of the other guys took I was just like, wow,
> look at that, we actually did do a flip.  I was just so completely amped on
> adrenaline and endorphins that the first few seconds were a blur of rushing
> air and noise and a powerful feeling of unreality.
> Not sure what the rules are in Canada but if you can do a solo where you
> get to free fall, which means you get to pull your own rip cord, which
> incidentally they let me do when I did the tandem, then go for it.  There is
> kind of a lot of instruction at first but it's pretty important when you get
> right down to it.  You don't get a lot of time to be indecisive if something
> goes wrong.  And as the instructor pointed out, you will be landing, it's
> just a question of what your landing is going to look like.
> Matt
> Matthew Zielinski wrote:
>  Amazing!!
> Wonderfull progress my brother!!
> Being mindful of each moment is a skill which I m cultivating as well
> But its funny that you posted your experience because yesterday I was
> checking out skydyving programs here in Toronto.
> Great minds think alike!!
> I found one for 300$-solo jump, with four hours of training.
> What was the altitiude?
> Take care and keep enjoying life without shit in your veins!
> Matt
> On 7/19/08, Matt Shriver <ibogamail at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I jumped out of an airplane today.  It was something I had always told
>> myself I wanted to do but just one more of those things that was out of
>> reach of my junkie lifestyle.  I mentioned a few years ago to my then
>> girlfriend, now wife, that I had always wanted to do that and last year
>> for my birthday she gave me a gift certificate for a jump.  When my
>> birthday was coming around again this year I finally decided to schedule
>> it and today I finally did it.  Very surreal experience.  Right up there
>> with the most powerful experiences I have ever had.  I had quite a bit
>> of trepidation going into it but now that I am on the other side of it I
>> could totally do it again.  I noticed something interesting.  I first
>> noticed it on the faces of the other skydivers, first in the videos I
>> watched before hand, and then on the actual jump.  I did a tandem jump
>> which means I was strapped onto the chest of an experienced sky diver,
>> but two other guys jumped with us, they were both practicing to video
>> tape other sky divers so they were both very close to us in free fall.
>> And I noticed a strange look to their faces and I realized later that it
>> was the look that goes along with the state of mind I experienced which
>> was a remarkable clarity of thought.  My mind was not blank when I was
>> falling but it was not distracted by anything.  There was no trace of a
>> shadow of an extraneous thought anywhere.  Only the moment.  Only what
>> was happening right then.  I see why it can be addictive.  One of these
>> guys who was practicing to do the video taping said he jumped 18 times
>> just last weekend.  I think I may try to cultivate "free fall mind" in
>> my everyday life.  I have quite an interesting life shaping up around me
>> since I got clean.  Sometimes I can't believe it's really my life.
>> Matt
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