[Ibogaine] OT skydiving

jakob dlouhy jakobdlouhy at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 12:03:09 EDT 2008

Thanks man. I have always wanted to jump and lately I have been thinking
about it again more and more and I am definitely
doing it soon. Your story gave me chills down the spine. Love it.

On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 4:11 PM, Matthew Zielinski <
masterhermesbathory at gmail.com> wrote:

> Amazing!!
> Wonderfull progress my brother!!
> Being mindful of each moment is a skill which I m cultivating as well
> But its funny that you posted your experience because yesterday I was
> checking out skydyving programs here in Toronto.
> Great minds think alike!!
> I found one for 300$-solo jump, with four hours of training.
> What was the altitiude?
> Take care and keep enjoying life without shit in your veins!
> Matt
> On 7/19/08, Matt Shriver <ibogamail at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I jumped out of an airplane today.  It was something I had always told
>> myself I wanted to do but just one more of those things that was out of
>> reach of my junkie lifestyle.  I mentioned a few years ago to my then
>> girlfriend, now wife, that I had always wanted to do that and last year
>> for my birthday she gave me a gift certificate for a jump.  When my
>> birthday was coming around again this year I finally decided to schedule
>> it and today I finally did it.  Very surreal experience.  Right up there
>> with the most powerful experiences I have ever had.  I had quite a bit
>> of trepidation going into it but now that I am on the other side of it I
>> could totally do it again.  I noticed something interesting.  I first
>> noticed it on the faces of the other skydivers, first in the videos I
>> watched before hand, and then on the actual jump.  I did a tandem jump
>> which means I was strapped onto the chest of an experienced sky diver,
>> but two other guys jumped with us, they were both practicing to video
>> tape other sky divers so they were both very close to us in free fall.
>> And I noticed a strange look to their faces and I realized later that it
>> was the look that goes along with the state of mind I experienced which
>> was a remarkable clarity of thought.  My mind was not blank when I was
>> falling but it was not distracted by anything.  There was no trace of a
>> shadow of an extraneous thought anywhere.  Only the moment.  Only what
>> was happening right then.  I see why it can be addictive.  One of these
>> guys who was practicing to do the video taping said he jumped 18 times
>> just last weekend.  I think I may try to cultivate "free fall mind" in
>> my everyday life.  I have quite an interesting life shaping up around me
>> since I got clean.  Sometimes I can't believe it's really my life.
>> Matt
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