[Ibogaine] OT skydiving

Capt Kirk captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 20 03:58:26 EDT 2008

awesome matt!!!
Probably no comparison, but riding roller coasters after ibo and the cancer thing was pretty damn amazing, I got uncontrollable laughing, thought I was gonna have to change me knickers at the end lolol
Drug free buzzes rock!!
Dunno if I'll ever make it skydiving...... can just see my fake boob wafting off into the atmosphere lmao!!!

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Beautiful, thank you.
One of my wanna do's too.

On Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 9:18 PM, Matt Shriver <ibogamail at gmail.com> wrote:

I jumped out of an airplane today.  It was something I had always told
myself I wanted to do but just one more of those things that was out of
reach of my junkie lifestyle.  I mentioned a few years ago to my then
girlfriend, now wife, that I had always wanted to do that and last year
for my birthday she gave me a gift certificate for a jump.  When my
birthday was coming around again this year I finally decided to schedule
it and today I finally did it.  Very surreal experience.  Right up there
with the most powerful experiences I have ever had.  I had quite a bit
of trepidation going into it but now that I am on the other side of it I
could totally do it again.  I noticed something interesting.  I first
noticed it on the faces of the other skydivers, first in the videos I
watched before hand, and then on the actual jump.  I did a tandem jump
which means I was strapped onto the chest of an experienced sky diver,
but two other guys jumped with us, they were both practicing to video
tape other sky divers so they were both very close to us in free fall.
And I noticed a strange look to their faces and I realized later that it
was the look that goes along with the state of mind I experienced which
was a remarkable clarity of thought.  My mind was not blank when I was
falling but it was not distracted by anything.  There was no trace of a
shadow of an extraneous thought anywhere.  Only the moment.  Only what
was happening right then.  I see why it can be addictive.  One of these
guys who was practicing to do the video taping said he jumped 18 times
just last weekend.  I think I may try to cultivate "free fall mind" in
my everyday life.  I have quite an interesting life shaping up around me
since I got clean.  Sometimes I can't believe it's really my life.


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