[Ibogaine] Harm Reduction Psychotherapy

simon loxton simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 16 04:34:49 EDT 2008

Hi Kevin;

You did meet with Allan Clear when he was in South Africa?

We discussed issues but I dont see another logical way forward. The war on drugs has not worked; increasing sentences does not work and the amount of people using drugs has increased since the "war on drugs" and "Just say no campaign" not the opposite. The prison system is known as a growth industry in the states, nothing really more than slave labor.

Look at that guy recently sent away for a life sentence for acid!  

Having been in addiction and as a provider seeing things from the view of the family and friends; demonising people and putting them in prison just makes them feel even more worthless and isolated. So the recovery road becomes even more difficult under the current abstinence model; especially if you consider the success rate if anyone actually knows.

I am at least hoping to do what I can to bring this across in cape Town as quite a few people I have known for a long time are now councilors in rehabs.

I am looking forward to get the book.


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Interesting link !
One would wonder why other groups have not taken up 
similar ideas and thoughts.
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