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Doom and gloom may hit the ibogaine fraternity in South Africa. There are a number of Ibogaine providers and clinic's in South Africa now, and it seems as if the government authorities,  the "Social Development" sector, have either being doing their home work, or have been tipped off by some scrupulous and jealous individual to now investigate the said operations, where drug treatment and wellness  are offered to the local and international markets. 

They currently claim that each and every facility offering treatment, associated to drug addiction and wellness, all need to conform to the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependency Act, No 20 of 1992,and that registration is required irrespective of the number of patients treated and or taken in by the provider or caregiver. Ibogaine SA and Ibogaine African Renaissance were the first to be investigated, with the others to follow shortly. This comes as a huge surprise to all the non-registered clinics, as the registered clinics in South Africa currently offer a dismal success rate of only 2% (if you could call it success) where the Ibogaine facilities are offering between 75 to 80% on drugs like Heroin and Cocaine

While registration maybe necessary, to protect the interest of the patient / patients and to conform to the government standards this will come at a huge cost to these facilities, as the premises need to be configured to meet with the guidelines issued by the respective authorities. Further to this there maybe a ripple effect into other government sectors as well, i.e. the MCC  (medicine control council) with regard to the use of Ibogaine in South Africa all together. 

With the above in mind, Ibogaine SA and Ibogaine African Renaissance have therefore, decided to conform to the prescribed, and hope to achieve registration status shortly. The management of the aforementioned, also view the registration as being possibly an advantage to the facility and patients a like, as medical aid patients will have the opportunity of now using their scheme and not have to fork out the costs themselves.

So lets all hold thumbs for the continued use and development of Ibogaine in South Africa. 

Lets fight addiction together !!!

Regards to All
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