[Ibogaine] MK 801??

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> I did a study on heroin and it's safety issue before I was using, and
> it proved to me how much the issue is not the drugs but our own
> unresolved 'issues'. And I am quite sure that the 'powers that be'
> must know this, but they use it to their financial advantage. And
> simultaneously destroy peoples lives. When I first used H it was as a
> pain killer, and I was assertively open about telling people the truth
> about opiates. They LIE to doctors in med school and tell them you get
> hooked first use. o    m   g........

I mean, when the media lunacy surrounding heroin is going a bit full-on, I
find it's always worth remembering that the drug is actually just a very
powerful analgesic, a pain-killer basically. If someone gets addicted to a
painkiller like this then it's basically either because they can't repress
enough pain to stay functional, or they're carrying around so much they
can't function.


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