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we prefer properly dried shrooms to fresh ones any day, since dried are also smokable on a bongload which is quite good for a lite colorful shroomy buzz on weekday nites when you gotta go to work next day
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  psilo can to a degree survive heat as I've heard of people cooking them on pizzas.  but did your shrooms ever put people in the ER from trips out their head?  not proud of that but thats what happened.  I dried my equidorians and B+ in a room temp desiccator and everyone flipped out their gord.  dry any way you want.  I'm just saying you'll get more mileage from slow drying.  oxidation is the true culprit and heat only speeds up that process.  if you slow dry make sure to do a small test first.  mine were over ten years ago and people are still talking about it

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    You cant shoot it if thats what you are thinking?

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          Could anyone tell me the how heat tolerant/resistant the iboga molecule is...
          Does it tolerate cooking well?


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