[Ibogaine] Video: InSite forum in Ottawa

Tim Meehan tim at paidoc.org
Tue Jul 15 00:04:33 EDT 2008

News Coverage of forum:


Tony Trimingham speaks:


This public forum on July 14, 2008 in Ottawa will be one of three  
public forums in a speakers series that also includes events in  
Toronto and Montreal.

The series will present two powerful speakers who have experience with  
the implementation of harm reduction approaches. Liz Evans, the  
executive director and founder of the Portland Hotel Society -- the  
community organization that operates the supervised injection site --  
will be speaking along with Tony Trimingham, a parent of an addict who  
died of an overdose and longtime activist for the supervised injection  
site in King's Cross, Australia.

They will be reporting on the health care benefits of supervised  
injection sites, and discussing the implications of the recent BC  
Supreme Court decision for communities across the country.

As you know, the BC Supreme Court recently ruled that the application  
of Canada's Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in regards to Insite,  
Vancouver's Supervised Injection site is inconsistent with Section 7  
of the Charter of Right and Freedoms, protecting life and security of  
the person. As a result, Justice Ian Pitfield's judgment grants InSite  
a permanent constitutional exemption from federal drug laws, allowing  
InSite to legally continue its life saving work.

Justice Pitfield's decision is significant. Recognising addiction for  
what it is, a chronic relapsing disease that requires more than a  
criminal justice approach, but rather a public health care response  
that minimizes the harm caused by illicit drugs, and keeping people  
alive long enough for them access detox and treatment.

While this decision specifically affects Insite, allowing the primary  
health care facility to remain open indefinitely, Justice Pitfield's  
decision has ramifications outside of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside,  
affecting communities across Canada struggle to address the tragic  
consequences of drug addiction.

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