[Ibogaine] Sophie

Sophia Depas mssmdepas at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 17:48:59 EDT 2008

I have only just found this e-mail! Wow, so sorry. I wasn't ignoring
you. And I'm thinking u may not have had mine ,cuz it came to
me...,I'll try again but I'm also trying tom leave the house 1st x 3
sdaqys sorry bad typing
wutz Rocky no please? The don't let soph move forward demons are
active big time but I won't let them (this x)
xxlove and happiness for all anbd forever (HAH)

On 6/28/08, Randy Faulconer <bicuitboy714 at gmail.com> wrote:
>     You asked me when, and how much Ibo I did I think, so I'm starting this
> new thread to asnwer your question.
>      I did my first BIG treatment in the fall of 04, the last of September.
> I was on 80 mgs of methadone. It was rough, and the treatment itself lasted
> about 3 days. Being that it was a methadone treatment, I did a bunch of
> Ibogaine. Total was 34 mgs per kg, but that was spread out over 2 days.
> After that I did a couple of boosters and a 6 mg tune up the next year. I've
> had my ups and downs, mostly with alcohol, but I stay in the fight, and
> never give up. Ask away with questions when you want to, and learn all you
> can. Have you done Ibogaine?
>               Peace Love and Freedom
>                     Randy
>                 Biscuitboy Blues
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