[Ibogaine] effects of boosters!

simon loxton simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 13 15:49:10 EDT 2008

Just personally speaking I have found left feeling quite elated for some days to weeks after low doses of iboga. I also find that its an on going process into self exploration. To put it simply I find the initial treatment is like a beginning into whatever the reason was for your taking iboga and subsequent low doses help continue the process. Thats very roughly speaking though as for me after every experience there is some thing new that presents its self.

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were there any other effects besides elimination of 
cravings ?
if so can you describe what happens when you take a 
any speediness, or sleepiness, side effects, 
"Love converts hearts, and gives 

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I took another booster few days ago and again the cravings  are completly elimenated.  Its very interesting how big of an impact it  has on my way of veiwing situations and rationlizing events.  
this time i took a t'spoon and a half  of Iboga courtesy of  Simon.  I have to say that his rootbark is very potent and extremely  powerfull.  I sampled the rootbark from 3 different sources and this is  definetly the strongest --
Thanks brother for your help and your  generous offer!
So back in alignment once  again!!

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