[Ibogaine] MK 801??

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> Is the Yippee cafe east or west?
> And isn't ketamine the one  that was rumoured to be a elephant
> tranquilizer or something?
> Cuz if so,if it is the tranqi type thing... When I was into the club
> thing and what came with like E etc,oh no! I just remembered it's GHB
> I am thinking of, I THINK... now I've started I'll tell y'all
> anyway

Despite many media stories to the contrary, ketamine is usually regarded as
one of the safest drugs around. They give it to babies requiring operations,
if I recall. It's a dissociative anaesthetic. There's a guy in London called
Dr Karl Jansen who wrote a book on it and quite a few articles. Of course,
if you collapse on the floor at parties after taking it then you can get
trampled on.


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