[Ibogaine] Pen-pal appeal

Scott Doran doranman2 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 10:28:59 EDT 2008

All I know is that it was over 3,000 hits of acid, so he was probably
charged with intent to sell. There was also the issue of the so called
friend who testified against him, but I don't know how it impacted upon his
case. I gather he may have had limited resources, so he may have had a
public defender, but I don't know. I have received a couple of letters and
learn a little more with each one. Mostly we have focused on where things
are at now and the future. At first I have just let him share what he is
inclined to share, but I have found him to not be sensitive about his
history and can inquire regarding those details more in the future. He did
disclose in the most recent letter that he had been busted for pot seeds
inadvertently in his possession. Considering his deadhead lifestyle I
wouldn't be surprised if there were other incidents. He reported he is
getting considerable time off for good behavior. His girlfriend has hung in
there for him which has helped a lot. He will be overjoyed to hear from
anyone on this list. I know it will help him set his sights upon his release
and to not relapse. Maybe it's for the best that I don't have all the
answers so that Joe has the chance to speak for himself. To my pleasure, the
guards who read his mail have not censored anything expressed, so just about
anything can be shared, but I try to bear in mind that others are reading
the letters.

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 9:19 AM, simon loxton <simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk>

> Was it a third strike or some thing to that effect as to why the sentence
> was so tough; or was it lack of legal funding? It seems a bit harsh to say
> the least to hand down the same sentence as for manslaughter or even murder!
> Fucked up is an understatement. For all those people in prison for drug
> offenses.
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> I have passed on your letter to couple of friends that maybe interested.
> Can you tell us more about the charges and what he got convicted for? We
> live in sweden and even though we have very similar laws and regulations
> concerning drugs here as well you wouldnt get 30 years (we have maximum
> penalty in prison 10 years, but the fucked up thing is that you will get a
> much harsher punishemt for 2 kilos of hashish than if you commit rape on a
> kid, murder or assault. New numbers out recently also show that the police
> and courts concentrate 54 percent(!) of their total amount of convicted
> individuals to drugrelated charges). LSD is seen as very harsh here as well
> though.
> Can you still be convicted for "conspiracy to overthrow the government" if
> you are caught with a bigger amount of LSD in the US?
> I hate this drug war. No victim, no crime. Its a SELF-EVIDENT TRUTH! ;)
> Jakob
> Sweden
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> Subject: [Ibogaine] Pen-pal appeal
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> A friend of mine, Joe Rufra, is in prison on a 35 year sentence for LSD
> possesion after a friend set him up and testified against him. A seasoned
> deadhead, he maintains a pretty positive attitude in the face of his adverse
> circumstances. Anyone who has a few minutes to spare every once in a while
> to write him a letter would doing a good turn to a decent human being. I
> think contact with folks here on the list would be good for Joe, especially
> considering that he was on heroin when busted. He intends to remain clean
> once free again. He is into entheogens and has an interest in Ibogaine. I
> became a pen-pal of Joe's after he made an appeal for friends in an article
> in the Entheogen Review in which he offered comments related to the MAPS
> Halpern-gate fiasco. He really brightened up when I offered to make this
> post on his behalf. So if anyone has a little extra time to help him feel
> connected to the rest of humanity would be doing a very good thing. His
> address is PO Box 2405, Marion, NC 28752.
> Thanks.
> SD
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