[Ibogaine] Public Policy on Addiction and Politics of Self Medication

j0n at just-say-know.org j0n at just-say-know.org
Fri Jul 11 06:42:02 EDT 2008

double standards are nothing new to our culture..

> Wow:  I did **not** know that like Rush Limbaugh, Cindy McCain has battled
> addiction to opiated painkillers.(Not that there's anything wrong with
> it.)
> http://www.salon.com/news/feature/1999/10/18/drugs/
> But if high ranking, rich people keep "getting away" with this kind of
> stuff, when is public policy going to relent on the endless war on drugs
> and
> poor folks?  I just don't get it sometimes.
> Thanks.  Now back to the usual rants.

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