[Ibogaine] Pen-pal appeal

Scott Doran doranman2 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 13:55:13 EDT 2008

A friend of mine, Joe Rufra, is in prison on a 35 year sentence for LSD
possesion after a friend set him up and testified against him. A seasoned
deadhead, he maintains a pretty positive attitude in the face of his adverse
circumstances. Anyone who has a few minutes to spare every once in a while
to write him a letter would doing a good turn to a decent human being. I
think contact with folks here on the list would be good for Joe, especially
considering that he was on heroin when busted. He intends to remain clean
once free again. He is into entheogens and has an interest in Ibogaine. I
became a pen-pal of Joe's after he made an appeal for friends in an article
in the Entheogen Review in which he offered comments related to the MAPS
Halpern-gate fiasco. He really brightened up when I offered to make this
post on his behalf. So if anyone has a little extra time to help him feel
connected to the rest of humanity would be doing a very good thing. His
address is PO Box 2405, Marion, NC 28752.
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