[Ibogaine] 4 months clean

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I'm really proud of and happy for you Matthew.
Congratulations on sticking to your guns as you apparently have been doing.
Of course, this message probably won't reach this list, as my yahoo account seems to have decied that Mindvox doesn't exist in terms of me being able to post to it (as I am obviously getting the list mail), so let's see what happens with this attempt.
Peace and respect.

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This wed is going to be 4 months!!
Like I said before I never really passed the 3 week period so this is a big deal!!
I took a booster dose of rootbark about 3 weeks ago.  This had an incredible effect on me.  Not only did the cravings completly vanished, but my mental clarity and my thinking process become very sharp and extreemly positive again.
The worst time for me was during the 6-8 week period when the metabolites began to disintegrate into the beautiful void, and I was faced with my self again.  That period was very confusing and I strugled hard to get a grip on the powerfull cravings which overpowered my daily living. 
After the booster dose 3 weeks ago I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  Its like I finally FINALY know I can beat this shit.
It feels amazing and empowering to enjoy the summer without taking anything to have a smile on my face!!
But yes it does involve a lot of self discipline, will power and al the other good stuff that goes with it 


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