[Ibogaine] iboga laws in gabon

simon loxton simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 8 19:45:23 EDT 2008

I would very much like to get the gist is what was discussed on the television program in Gabon where Tatayo and Dimitri were featured. I did send the link to my friend from Gabon at the time but the link did not work; or as I have recently had similar difficulty with Youtube saying a clip has been removed.

The reason I mention it being that last year round about this time the statutory laws surrounding the export of iboga were tightened. 

Now it seems that things are being tightened further; we will see what the outcome is precisely but I just wondered if the interview had anything to do with it. I say this because I got information that it was a well supported show and so it may have alerted officials to a renewed interest in iboga's possible export. I am of course only guessing here but Bwiti runs through the blood of nearly everyone in Gabon to a degree.I am sure it would be an issue with mixed emotions.

If anyone can let me know where I can find a link to the show that is still operational I would really appreciate it greatly.


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