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Albert T. Mason III ted at masonenterprises.com
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I had been researching Ibogaine for two years now.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid Arthritis 15 years ago and had lead a very
propductive life
up until about a year ago. I was on all the standard medicines for my
disease and around 7 years 
ago was put on Oxycontin for the pain of some joint damage that was
occurring that later required surgery.

Woke up a year ago and noticed an increase need for more Oxy and went up to
a level of 80 mg a day.

Off course developed sleeping issues and followed the Oxy with temezepam 60
mg a night.

Then one day a year ago I ran out of the Oxy one day prior to my script and
had sever withdrawal symptoms.

That day started a devastating chain of events. I went in and told my doctor
who had been prescribing all my meds
and immediately she wanted to pass me off to a pain management doc and
treated me like a leper!!!!

I was compliant and angry that what the doctors told me was a great drug and
encouraged me to take 6 years earlier
(and it helped greatly with the pain) now, it was taboo and I was some kind
of bad person for taking it????


So, Let the pain doc talk me into Suboxone, and that shit made me crazy and
I could not sleep for days
and it did not help with pain. So, Went back to my rhematologist after 4
months and got back on all previous medication.


All this time Ibogaine was in my mind but the hurdles to jump thru were
expensive and time consuming.

So, I thought, Hell, I am not on Heroin or really high dosages of Oxy, so I
checked myself into a Detox unit.

OMG what a freaking mistake that was. Yes, I am off of Benzo's (Temezepam)
and Oxy, but I still have Arthritis
and pain.


However, while in Detox. the first 5 days were the worse experience of my
life. Treated like shit and my body and mind 
freaked me out for the first few days. This Detox unit was "tough love" no
sugar, no caiffend, no coffee, nothing.

But I did have a clear insight while in the throws of the worse of it. I saw
these glimpses of myself, feelings of guilt, shame, unworthiness
and anger at the drug companies and doctors that I was in this state. So,
something inside of me said, IBOGAINE is said to help
one address those psycho elements buried inside that Detox just reveals to


So, my question is this, since I am detoxed off the meds, do you guys and
gals think that a Ibo session would benefit and since there is
now no DETOX ELEMENT to my situation, what dosage would be needed to achieve
a therapeutic cleansing and resetting of chemicals 
in my brain that Oxy and Benzo's have effected after my years of use. I just
have a sense that the real biological damage of opiates and benzo's 
will not correct for a long time and that Ibogaine could correct it fast and
help alleviate my suffering . because I am still very depressed and 
I remember the old me . a fantastic, strong mind, never depressed and now I
have a lack of will to live.


Any advice? Would just a booster dose help me to reset body chemistry to
pre-addictive state?






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Hey thar Simon!

How do you deal with the amount needed to take?  That was the biggie for
me....and I'm sure others....which makes Ibogaine alot more attractive to
take, in strength and amount........I think I od'd on capsules lol


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I beg to differ, the root bark is more than sufficient it just depends on
the quality. Most commercial root bark is rubbish but with the iboga that is
used as sacrament which i have tested; 30g is enough for a full reset 15g
then 15g the next day if you cant manage all in 6 hrs. There is more of an
art to it than ibogaine though.

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Hi Patrick,

I tried the rootbark for coming off poppy seed tea, and I would strongly
recommend you save up and go for the ibogaine option, the rootbark just
isn't strong enough to deal out the opiate addiction, although in hindsight,
it did reduce withdrawals,you wont get the full noise as with a decent dose
of ibogaine, I would also strongly recommend you hang around here and get to
know everyone... as you said Ibogaine is illegal in the USA...... so you'll
get more help here if you hang around and participate ;o)

4 grams of rootbark would be a lot of material to try and ingest! I had
about 130 odd capsules that I tried to get down me throat..... I had
vomiting and diarreoha (I HATE spelling that word LOL) diereehahahahhahahaha
no not funny at the time....lol

anyway, I do wish you all the best and hope you get to ibo it at some



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Pardon me folks, I just got a quickie, I am new to this iboga thing but i've
been struggling with a nasty Heroin habit off and on for the last ten
years...I recently had 3 years of clean time....but i ran into some old
friends and it was off to the races with xanax and heroin again for the last
3 months...well i recently learned of iboga and contacted dr. mash and
talked to her....well I can't leave the U.S. for legal reasons so if I
purchased some "grade A iboga rootbark" online.... Ok..now how many grams
would one consume if one were to actually try to experience the legendary
effects of this miracle plant? if I bought 4 grams for $50. Would that be
enough or is that to much? 




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