[Ibogaine] Too Dana

Jeremy Spence jlspence at mac.com
Mon Jul 7 10:36:17 EDT 2008

Hey sorry about the cops thing Dana!!  I had my run in with those  
fucker too!!  And I do everything in my power to STAY THE FUCK AWAY  
Their not your friends, I can tell you that!!! Fuckers, I hope they  
burn in hell!!!

Those fucker's can be sooooo real unreal!!!  I know that for a fact!!   
They tried soooooooo hard to bust me for "nothing!!!" They pulled my  
over and told me I was on LSD!!!!!!  And asked where's "the  
weapon"????  I thought weapon??  What the fuck??

Those mother fucker's are so ate up it's sick!!!!  I am telling u,  
it's getting real scary in this country!!!!  Those fucker's are really  
sick!!!  Their sick!!!! Sick in the head!!

And its like that in every state!!! Every part of this country no  
matter where you go!!!  It's fucked!!!

I don't trust any of them!!  None of those fuck's!!!!!  If they got a  
badge, I don't trust them!!! Not one bit!!
People in this country do not understand that their Rights are being  
taken!!!!!!  It's really kind of sad!!!

That's why I stay to my self!!!  Only have a few good friends! And  
stay the fuck a way from people who are too loud about the stuff they  
do, not that I do much anymore, because I don't.

It's just sad how things have gotten to be in this county, it's just is!

Yea, those fucker's put me in hand cuffs and told me your not under  
arrest, (but you in hand cuffs??? Yea, what the fuck??)
They took my ass down to the hospital and tested me for drugs!!  Piss  
tested me, fucking piss tested my ass!!!!!

He kept saying, you might as well tell him what I was on!! I told him  
nothing!!! Just my pain medicine! I told him I was on methadone for  
pain and he told me they don't give that for pain!!!!!!! I thought  
what?? What??  Hello??  Some body in there??? I kept telling him that,  
but he didn't believe me!!
I and then the test came back, nothing!!! nothing, nothing!!!
Those fucker are sooooo stupid, they have no IQ at all!! IF that don't  
have a IQ they make great cops!!!

And then he ask me why I was scared??. hello???  What??  U get pull  
out of your car put in hand cuffs for nothing, and then your spose to  
be a peach???  What???  Those fucker's are soo unbelievable!!   

I tried to tell
  that mother fucker I was not on anything!!!!!
They send me a fucking bill for that shit!!  I could that shit down  
town and told them, I AM NOT PAYING FOR THIS SHIT!!!

And then the lady at the front desk, she was a real bitch, and she  
said real loud and crazy , "Well he had to be doing something  
wrong!!!"  I thought bitch, no I fucking was not!!

People in this county are sooooo fucking stupid!!!!!   Sometime I  
think we deserved every damm fucking thing we got with 911!!!!
Not that I think its right people have to lose love ones like that,  
because I don't!!  I' m just talk'en about the way this country is,  
you know?

It's just how fucked up this country has gotten, I mean just about  
taking people's fucking rights away!!  And the fucked thing is people  
in this country don't even know it, you know?? They don't even think  
about that shit!!  That's the fucking problem!!!

People in this country don't even know their rights are being taken  
away!!  Most people think its just about some one doing drugs or some  
other shit that has nothing to do them!!  But it does include them, If  
any a person rights I fucked with,for any reason, it include all of  
us!!  We could be next!!!

People in this country don't understand that!!!  That's the problem!!   
That's the main fucking problem!  People just think, oh that some body  
else, not me!!  Doesn't have anything to do with me!! That's where  
they are wrong!!!

It's has everything to do with you, me, and everything body!!  And  
it's not just about a person doing a drug, or some other such shit!   
It's about a person getting there fucking rights taken bit by bit!!   
Everybody rights, not just one person!!!!!

So Dana, i feel your pain bro!! Been there, done that. I had a few run  
in before, one that cost me 10,000(over pretty much nothing) So, I  
feel you big time!!  Keep up the fight!!!  Tell them to go to  
hell!!!!  The next time I get my right fucker with, I am going to go  
nuts!!!!  Nuts on those mother fuckers!!!!  They think they can do  
anything they want!! That's what they think!!!

They try and scare the living day lights out of you!! And then turn  
around, and say, what you scared for? You got something???

What the fuck???   I pray for a pres. to come along and change some of  
this shit!!!  It's really gone too far in this country, it really  
has!!! If people don't start really trying to change some of this  
shit, our country is not going to have rights anymore!!

People need to really try and get out and vote!!  I know I am, and  
yes, i know both sides are fucked, but I still think it's good to try  
and get out and vote anyways!! People need to vote in this country!   
It's something we all should do, but most of us don't.

Hell I might even run for office one day,yea, maybe, kidding.

That's all I got to say,

See you

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