[Ibogaine] HELP!!!

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How many times must I answer you with a solution to stop you repeating the same post. I have answered you privately and on line explaining there are always options but you dont seem all that serious since you have not replied to one single mail of mine and I would guess others too; so if there is some ulterior motive forget it otherwise you have your answer.

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I have already talked to Dr. Mash personally, she was very helpful, but my problem is i Am ON PAROLE! I cannot go to mexico or the UK or Canada or anywhere else out of the country or else I would already be there! I need help and I have tried everything except ibo...and I ave had dreams that this is the answer,,,Can anyone help???

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Patrick, Call Dr. Deborah Mash at the University of Miami.
She is a Neurologist and has extensive knowledge on Ibogaine.
Plus she is the only person who ever did clinical trials with
276 people on the Island of St. Kitts.
She has a clinic in cancun that follows her protocol and she oversees it to my
There are medical doctors on staff to monitor you and you are
screened for safety.
Also, there are many other places in Mexico and UK etc. that
have very good reputations and protocols.
I Begin again, where Rocky and his companion work also has a
good reputation from what I have heard, but do
research. Dr. Mash is a doctor and has you hooked up and monitored … and I
believe she is a good choice.
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I will send you as much money as you need to get started...
But i need a provider in the U.S! Heroin is destroying my life!!! I know ibo
will work for me...But no body on this list will tell me anything about it!! I
am on parole so i can't leave the country...but money is not an issue for me..
I have more money than I can spend and I am extreamly interested in n ibo...I
know it can save my life...I have had dreams about the bwiti telling me so and
giving me the plant......before i even knew what it was!!! I researched it and
found out about ibo...I know these dreams are a sign from some higher
power....I know heroin is going to kill me or send me to prison for the rest of
my life... And i have tried everything! Suboxone, methadone, rapid detox w/
naltroxone!! I know ibo is the answer but i dont have the means!! I have
aquired several grams of root bark...but know body on here will tell me what to
do with it! is there anyone in the U.S. that can help me??? Like i said...Money
is not an issue! I need help!

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