[Ibogaine] Concerning that Patrick guy about Parole.... and Not being able to leave the country

Albert T. Mason III ted at masonenterprises.com
Sat Jul 5 21:39:59 EDT 2008

Hey Howard,

I emailed that guy and told him I don't think anyone on the list wants to
implicate themselves
in facilitating an Illegal meeting with a person in the U.S. for Ibo ...LOL

It is as if the guy is trying to bait some fool in by saying "money is no
object", "I have more than I can spend"
... Just tell me where to go to get that illegal treatment.... 

What are we missing????? ... pretty obvious to me .... sounds like a Narc


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If it is a question of getting busted by your parole officer for  
using heroin or getting treated with ibogaine in Mexico, I would opt  
for Mexico.  Enough money to fund an ibogaine lab in Africa but, not  
enough to figure out how to get to an ibogaine clinic in Mexico.   
What am I missing?

Exactly how many grams is "several" of root bark?  Most likely it is  
too little to do anything significant for you.


On Jul 3, 2008, at 2:12 AM, Patrick Corbin wrote:

> Ryan...I will send you as much money as you need to get started...  
> But i need a provider in the U.S! Heroin is destroying my life!!! I  
> know ibo will work for me...But no body on this list will tell me  
> anything about it!! I am on parole so i can't leave the  
> country...but money is not an issue for me.. I have more money than  
> I can spend and I am extreamly interested in n ibo...I know it can  
> save my life...I have had dreams about the bwiti telling me so and  
> giving me the plant......before i even knew what it was!!! I  
> researched it and found out about ibo...I know these dreams are a  
> sign from some higher power....I know heroin is going to kill me or  
> send me to prison for the rest of my life... And i have tried  
> everything! Suboxone, methadone, rapid detox w/ naltroxone!! I know  
> ibo is the answer but i dont have the means!! I have aquired  
> several grams of root bark...but know body on here will tell me  
> what to do with it! is there anyone in the U.S. that can help me???  
> Like i said...Money is not an issue! I need help!
>  Thanks
>  Patrick
> 2008/6/30 ryan beck <marshalryanbeck at yahoo.com>:
> I thought this list was abut the dissemination of ibo and it's  
> value as tool to help people addicted to drugs , but it has turned  
> into a piss fest of egos there are a few that have valuable  
> information regarding ibo. Namely Simon(who have the utmost respect  
> for his knowledge and compassion). If all providers were as  
> compassionate as Simon and Sara. Ibo would become more mainstream,  
> Howard and Sara and a handful of others. This s not about us it is  
> abut something bigger. Ibo has the potential to save 100,000 of  
> thousands lives; and all I see is infighting This is bigger than  
> all of our petty egos, Why can't we manufacture it n lab in (?) 
> Gabon, I have a M.S in chemistry (and several. PhD in organic  
> chemistry who would be more that happy to join said project), all  
> we need would be to start a lab with the appropriate funds( the  
> formula is very straight forward and it is rather simple) One could  
> produce 100,000s doses a year. It should not cost more than $20 a  
> dose. What is holding the movement back? Infighting! Personal  
> vested interest?
> --- On Sun, 6/29/08, Matt Shriver <ibogamail at gmail.com> wrote:
> From: Matt Shriver <ibogamail at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Simon Get a life!!
> To: "The Ibogaine List" <ibogaine at mindvox.com>
> Date: Sunday, June 29, 2008, 12:07 PM
> So what's all this about then and who are you again Paul?  My only  
> knowledge of you is through some rather hard to decipher posts,  
> most recently advocating a rather dubious low dose, long term,  
> ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction.  Simon on the other hand  
> has been around for a while and while he is certainly no more the  
> authority on all things ibogaine than anyone else here, he speaks  
> from experience and geniuine concern for addicts.  Where exactly  
> are you coming from?  "We are laughing' seriously laughing" and  
> "Silly little child that you are'" is contributing how exactly?   
> And since I am asking you all these questions, who is "we"?  Your  
> posts are full of "we this" and "we that" and I can't tell if you  
> legitimately are representing the views of additional people or  
> just don't grasp what the word "we" means.  I don't say this to be  
> so much confrontational as your post seems clearly intent on being,  
> but to support Simon who I respect.
> Matt
> Paul Brookshaw wrote:
>> Simon'
>> Is a very manipulative so called spirtual healer' with no psychic  
>> tools to fight with'
>> Because he has no psychic tools to fight with' his jeliously and  
>> twistedness of other folks has reduced him to writting poison pen  
>> letters'
>> Is this is a mark of a seriously good healer' one that knows  
>> himself intimately'
>> Obviously doubtful'
>> Seriously low, Si! like a little child that has never got their  
>> own way'
>> Oh my is that the best you can do bro!
>> Ha ha ha
>> We are untouchable by you ' becaue you have no tools'
>> If you wish warefare' Tata says bring it on'
>> It shall never be pretty' War never is!!
>> Be warned as you so warned us on tribes' that we would be sorry'  
>> is this your answer Si!
>> Grow up little Nzegho'
>> Learn of who you are an stop bitching at other folks so as to feel  
>> good in yourself' that you can never know of what we know'
>> Cry baby Simon!!
>> To note folks' we shall always send you clients and share openly  
>> of our findings' so as to futher the road of Iboga'
>> We shall never have to stoop like Simon has' because we know of  
>> who we are'
>> Know thyself Simon'
>> To the list' be very careful of this little man' he lives in a  
>> veil of jeliousies' of which twist him up' and he knows no way of  
>> releasing the said energies'
>> Sad really'
>> And now'
>> Big grins behind dark sunglasses'
>> We are laughing' seriously laughing  Ha ha ha  
>> hahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha
>> Learn some stuff about who you are Si!
>> Leave folks alone to their own devises'
>> Silly little child that you are'
>> Oh my
>> The stupidity of jeliously'
>> you must be really hurting Simon'
>> Oh my'
>> he he he
>> Pa' Omoju Gede Nganga
>> Pa' Motumba'
>> Bliss and blessings to the list this fine day :)
>> Campeche Simon'
>> Santo Simon'
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