[Ibogaine] welcome back

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Sat Jul 5 21:07:07 EDT 2008

On Jul 5, 2008, at 5:40 PM, Vector Vector wrote:

> I've missed the 150 msgs a day for the last 3 days ;)
> I know it's a dumb question that won't get answered, but can I ask  
> what machines are running what? Whatever runs "mindvox" the whole  
> domain, has never gone offline and if you scan it, stayed in place.   
> But the website and ibogaine list were unreachable for 3 days.  Just  
> curious, the machines won't respond to pings or id themselves, but  
> its been there the whole time. I'm guessing you were changing  
> hardware or adding stuff again.
> Whatever, thanks Patrick, Mixter, whoever is working in the  
> background.

You're scanning a firewall, it won't ping back.  The firewall is just  
an OpenBSD gateway to all the other machines.  There are different  
servers and disc arrays behind it; you can't actually connect to  
anything inside mindvox/phantom/whatever other domains (including the  
mail system) without the firewall opening a tunnel to <some other  
machine/some other port>.  It's just kinda an encrypted gateway to  
everything else, it won't directly respond to you or allow you to  
interact or query it, beyond showing that some ports are open/exist  
and it's alive at that IP.

We added a RAID array and it hadda regenerate, thus 72hrs downtime.   
Whatever has been sent at the lists during this time period should  
just queue up and arrive in blips and bursts.


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