[Ibogaine] stop the fightinf and do somethin productive

simon loxton simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jul 5 18:40:53 EDT 2008

As I said contact me and I can possibly point you in the right direction. I just want to bring to your attention that there is a screening process which includes an ECG test.
Regarding commercial root bark you have no idea of the alkaloid content. The protocol also differs greatly to the hydrochloride salt and really needs some one experienced to see you through the process; because once the medication kicks in its difficult to keep on administering iboga to your self at the right time and at the right dose. In short its a bit more complicated for addiction interruption; I prefer to use it for its benefits at low doses. Anyhow there are options and I can let you know; but take the advice of the people on the list; this is not meant to be taken alone no matter how much experience you have had with other entheogens.

Take care


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Ryan...I will send you as much money as you need to get started... But i need a provider in the U.S! Heroin is destroying my life!!! I know ibo will work for me...But no body on this list will tell me anything about it!! I am on parole so i can't leave the country...but money is not an issue for me.. I have more money than I can spend and I am extreamly interested in n ibo...I know it can save my life...I have had dreams about the bwiti telling me so and giving me the plant......before i even knew what it was!!! I researched it and found out about ibo...I know these dreams are a sign from some higher power....I know heroin is going to kill me or send me to prison for the rest of my life... And i have tried everything! Suboxone, methadone, rapid detox w/ naltroxone!! I know ibo is the answer but i dont have the means!! I have aquired several grams of root bark...but know body on here will tell me what to do with it! is there anyone in the U.S. that can
 help me??? Like i said...Money is not an issue! I need help!

2008/6/30 ryan beck <marshalryanbeck at yahoo.com>:

I thought this list was abut the dissemination of ibo and it's value as tool to help people addicted to drugs , but it has turned into a piss fest of egos there are a few that have valuable information regarding ibo. Namely Simon(who have the utmost respect for his knowledge and compassion). If all providers were as compassionate as Simon and Sara. Ibo would become more mainstream, Howard and Sara and a handful of others. This s not about us it is abut something bigger. Ibo has the potential to save 100,000 of thousands lives; and all I see is infighting This is bigger than all of our petty egos, Why can't we manufacture it n lab in (?)Gabon, I have a M.S in chemistry (and several. PhD in organic chemistry who would be more that happy to join said project), all we need would be to start a lab with the appropriate funds( the formula is very straight forward and it is rather simple) One could produce 100,000s doses a year. It should not cost more than $20
 a dose. What is holding the movement back? Infighting! Personal vested interest?


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So what's all this about then and who are you again Paul?  My only knowledge of you is through some rather hard to decipher posts, most recently advocating a rather dubious low dose, long term, ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction.  Simon on the other hand has been around for a while and while he is certainly no more the authority on all things ibogaine than anyone else here, he speaks from experience and geniuine concern for addicts.  Where exactly are you coming from?  "We are laughing' seriously laughing" and "Silly little child that you are'" is contributing how exactly?  And since I am asking you all these questions, who is "we"?  Your posts are full of "we this" and "we that" and I can't tell if you legitimately are representing the views of additional people or just don't grasp what the word "we" means.  I don't say this to be so much confrontational as your post seems clearly intent on being, but to support Simon who I respect.  


Paul Brookshaw wrote: 

Is a very manipulative so called spirtual healer' with no psychic tools to fight with'
Because he has no psychic tools to fight with' his jeliously and twistedness of other folks has reduced him to writting poison pen letters'
Is this is a mark of a seriously good healer' one that knows himself intimately'

Obviously doubtful'

Seriously low, Si! like a little child that has never got their own way'

Oh my is that the best you can do bro!

Ha ha ha

We are untouchable by you ' becaue you have no tools'

If you wish warefare' Tata says bring it on'
It shall never be pretty' War never is!!

Be warned as you so warned us on tribes' that we would be sorry' is this your answer Si! 

Grow up little Nzegho'

Learn of who you are an stop bitching at other folks so as to feel good in yourself' that you can never know of what we know'

Cry baby Simon!!

To note folks' we shall always send you clients and share openly of our findings' so as to futher the road of Iboga'

We shall never have to stoop like Simon has' because we know of who we are'

Know thyself Simon'


To the list' be very careful of this little man' he lives in a veil of jeliousies' of which twist him up' and he knows no way of releasing the said energies'

Sad really'

And now'

Big grins behind dark sunglasses'

We are laughing' seriously laughing  Ha ha ha hahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha

Learn some stuff about who you are Si!

Leave folks alone to their own devises'

Silly little child that you are'

Oh my

The stupidity of jeliously'

you must be really hurting Simon'

Oh my'

he he he

Pa' Omoju Gede Nganga

Pa' Motumba'

Bliss and blessings to the list this fine day :)

Campeche Simon'
Santo Simon'

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