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Warren L. Theriot wleetheriot at ca.rr.com
Wed Jan 16 01:59:49 EST 2008

Nyc, Brad,
I agree with your disagreements. I must have been stoned when I wrote  
that.  Mason set me off on a rant that didn't quite come out right. I  
know that I still didn't qualify my statement about Emimen in an  
earlier post today.  And I just haven't been paying attention to  
Eminiem for a while I'll admit. The whole bunch of crap about the  
bush administration has had me seething so bad from the beginning I  
started to tune out 90% of the whole thing including confrontational  
music. Not tuned out enough to know who not to vote for in the coming  
  When I first heard  Eminem years ago, I thought What is that sound?  
when I was into Depeche Mode or something electronical. When I saw  
the video Eminem did about the Rap contest is when I started to  
understand what he was doing.  My musical curiosity has taught me to  
appreciate rap and hip hop by now, but like I was saying I haven't  
been paying attention to Eminem for a while. Got to pay more  
attention. I saw something on the net about Camron a while back that  
had me laughing pretty hard, so I can appreciate the genre. The ho's  
and bitches and bling stuff can be entertaining but I tend to  
ridicule it when I get the chance. I tend to Prefer Jimi Hendrix to rap.
I'll check these out. I appreciate you responding really.

On Jan 15, 2008, at 9:35 PM, Brad Hays wrote:

> The Beasties and Eminem are exceptions to the rule warren.  nyc  
> prob agrees with ya, it's just that you happened to pick two groups  
> that are actually worth something.  Their message is serious.   
> Check out the beasties to the five boroughs released just before  
> the last presidential election.  Their sampling shows a deep  
> musical history that goes beyond their lifetimes.  Your def right  
> on the other 90% though
> Oh and NYC, genius on the skype thing.  That's the only way change  
> is gonna take place, people actually talking to people.  I drive a  
> cab for a living, wanna guess why? I mean other than the free tiddies
> while i'm here, yall should check out Stranger than Fiction w/ Will  
> Ferrell 1997
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