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Bram Goodies b4goodfun at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jan 14 09:06:52 EST 2008

Hi , I have read from Dana's CNW list that on this list Howard was asking about Ibogaine treatment for GHB addiction, so I 'm visiting here to tell you,

 this is it is possible, just last week I have helped someone from a combination of GHB and Cocaine addiction,
he is clean since then, he phone here to say that he is very happy at the monent one week later. no depression.
I have treated him with Iboga extract, he was doing a talk therapy with someone before the treatment and will continue as  an after care
with the talking therapy. 

It is possible for people who are suffering from voices in their head to use a maintance Iboga treatment and get control of their mind.
it is also possible to use Iboga in Homeopatic doses.

best wishes for 2008 everyone!

Sara Glatt,

sara119 at xs4all.nl

tel.+ 31-346-241770


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