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Hello Oskie,

The hexo-time-fabric-of-life vortex world is always a splendid place to visit. As far as giving it to your brother... uhm... be a little cautious. It is a little intense as you know and also much of the stuff out there now doesn't seem to be dmt, rather some derivative which is mathematical and geometric and mildly unpleasant and dull. I've seen dmt really rattle people and it may not be good for someone in a frail state. Absolutely do not not give it to him if he is on SSRI's or MOA inhibitors. On the plus side, hey, it's only ten minutes and could be what your brother needs.

Ibogaine isn't great for many people and is by no means the best way. The folks who have had really bad experiences or die from it aren't posting here. Peyote NAC meetings help many, Lest we forget Bill Wilson was cured via the belladonna treatment and came up with the twelve steps while higher than an astronauts asshole. Later he was a LSD enthusiast wanting to pass acid out at meetings and was trip buddies with Aldus Huxley. There is no one path for all to follow. I've known many junkies helped by smoking weed... plenty have been helped by shivering and sweating on mom's couch. Who's to say what's best for others? Intoxication and addiction are evolutionary needs; there are many different ways to feed the lizard for the chosen people.

A good friend who hated 12 steps and was "saved" by ibo (appearing on a few newscasts as the success story) just wrote me that he had relapsed a few times too many and the second ibogaine treatment didn't work at all was helped by a traditional 30 day rehab and is now working the steps. We never know.

Some suggestions (of course I'm a blathering fool so don't heed anything I say) 

Take dmt for yourself. I've found that if you have questions the answers come, figure out those patterns - it's another form of communication. What's the best way to help your brother? So where is this universe heading? What about that hot blond I see on the bus?

In the meantime how about doing something fun with him, walk in the park, a movie, camping or Disneyland? A few fun activities and showing some love can go a long way in helping. As was mentioned if he doesn't want to stop, he most likely wont.

If you do feel that a psychedelic experience may be a beneficial therapeutic experience for him, perhaps psilocybin? A little less intense but with some of that cosmic swim.

I went through the same thing with my sister - she was in a very bad way, getting her to try at various times rehab, ibo, dmt, mushrooms all with mixed results. If it doesn't work or your help has bad results you feel pretty shitty. A trip to rehab can be just as harmful as dmt and much more expensive. It all depends on the person. It is the toughest thing watching loved ones and family kill themselves, we want to help but we don't always. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. What's funny is that she is clean now for about two years - the silver bullet? Getting screaming mad at her "Fine! Fuck you! Die!" She now goes to meetings constantly and is very dull. I am glad she is alive.

If your brother wants to try it, why not? Empowerment rocks. There isn't a treatment modality that is completely safe. Look what rehab did to Mr. Cobain.

If you want to talk anymore about it, please drop a line off the list.

Best always and I hope your brother gets better. Sad.

Oskie3 <oskie3 at gmail.com> wrote:       Hey Eric,
 Thanks for your post, much appreciated.  I  don't have access to either Ibo or DMT right now, but may in the future.   I'm looking into treatments for my little bro who's got a pretty bad  pharma(oxy's), alcohol and coke problem  I'm a long time clean now,  and he's been off drugs for a few weeks, but needs a kick in the pants,  spiritually that is.  It's a long sad story, but basically, I'm trying to  figure out the best possible course for him to take, he's willing, so I'm  researching and searching for a rather mysterious (with good reason) local  Ibo/DMT/exotics provider.  
 It's hard to imagine doing DMT more then a few  times in a year, let alone a week, that must have been very intense.  From  the elves comment I imagine your familiar with T. McKenna's work.  Tell me,  did you ever experience the hexagonal fabric of time/life.   It's another of the fairly common shared experiences, along with the great  hall, or light dome.  Magical places to visit, indeed, and it sounds  like they provided you some help in dealing with managing other substances,  which is positive. My experience with DMT came before my dealings with  opiates, with too long a gap toe be sure that DMT might help with breaking  away.  Is there anyone out there that does not recommend DMT as a good  potential kick in the primal seat of the soul to help see (at least a little of  ) the light?  Of course Ibo would be better, but as an  alternative?
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DMT!!! The coolest molecule around.    It's created 40 days after you are conceived and released when you die. And    man, are those machine elves cool!

Sure, it kind of works as a    therapeutic agent in recovery. Depending on your personality it can be a great    tool in getting off the dark masters. My experience was that dmt really helped    me get off dope 12 years ago and worked for a summer. For some odd reason I    ended up with a few grams of dmt and one evening after trying to cop and    seeing a bunch of cops and getting scared I decided a hit of acid, some    nitrous and dmt would be a fun way to spend the night instead. A very powerful    and deeply theraputic evening came my way and all I wanted was to get fucked    up. It was the beginning of the journey that led me to ibogaine a few years    later.  I just plumb stopped dope after that. DMT soon became became a    nice way to start the day, a cool way to end it and a not bad break in the    middle. It ain't cheap nor easy to find and consequently when I ran out smack    seemed a good replacement for the dmt in order to keep those profound insights    coming
 or at least feel warm and fuzzy. Kind
 of negated the purpose    of using dmt to get off dope. I guess I'm too much of a junkie type to use the    crack of psychedelics in any measured manner. It really helped me for a while    and then I went back to the same old me. Kind of like ibogaine. At the end of    the day it's up to you, no? 

Why you ask? Got some? Feel like sharing?    I will say one of the stupidest things I ever did was mix ibo and dmt.    Particularly gruesome, nasty, unpleasant. For some reason I thought it would    be interesting. I've heard combining harmaline-hcl and dmt in an injection are    lovely. Making sure I spelled harmaline right I came across this from one Mr.    Lotsof's patents from '97.

   A    twenty-three year old, 140 pound male human subject using one to    three
 grams of cocaine daily via nasal administration was provided a    single dose
 of 500 mg of harmaline HCl per os. Subject immediately    discontinued cocaine
 use. Subject's cocaine use was interrupted for a    period of four months.
 Subject had been previously treated with 500    mg of a total alkaloid extract
 of T. iboga with no significant effect    on drug use. Conversely, it should
 be noted, however, that three    persons successfully treated with ibogaine
 had no response to the    administration of harmaline in interrupting their
 drug    use.
 Lotsof, Howard S. ?Method of treating chemical    dependency using
 beta-carboline alkaloids, derivatives and salts    thereof.", United States
 patent, (January 7, 1997),     5,591,738.

Good luck with all. Is this for your your recovery, or    are you just curious? 

I like that name, Oskie.

Oskie3    <oskie3 at gmail.com>    wrote:       Anyone out there have experience    with  DMT used therapeutically in their recovery? I'd be curious to     hear your story if you're willing.

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