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For the last 35 years, my friends, the late
Captain Ed Adair, Buddy
Duzy, George Clayton Johnson, and I realized that
only Hemp could save
the World! We set out to teach the world all the
things about Hemp
that had been covered up by our own government!

All the people who have read my book, or read it
online, or other Hemp
books, realized that Hemp is the only thing to
reverse the Greenhouse
Effect! Only solar, wind, geothermal and Hemp,
etc. can save the
world. Fossil fuels (oil, coal, and natural gas)
will be a thing of
the past.

Virtually all trees will be left in the ground
forever. We only have
4% of the trees left, by volume and weight, on
Earth as we did 125
years ago.

Other than the oceans, trees are the biggest
carbon sinks - to reverse
the Greenhouse effect!! Remember, we have 4% of
trees now, and getting

Houses and building materials are being made from
Hemp, including
fiber board, wallboard, paneling, insulation,
wood-like beams
(stronger than wood).

Hemp seeds are the 1 healthiest food on Earth,
with complete globular
protein edestins; essential fatty acids, linoleic
and linolenic, in
the best form on EARTH!

30% or more of all medicines (125 years ago) were
made from Cannabis.
In the near future, 30% or more of medicines will
be made from natural
Hemp/Marijuana. In 6,000 years of recorded
history, there has never
been one death due to Cannabis Hemp - unless they
were shot by a COP!

60% to 80% of everything was made from Cannabis
Hemp 6,000 years ago
up until around 100 years ago: for example,
clothes, rugs, drapes,
curtains, diapers, canvas, string, rope, sails,
houses, cars, etc... I
did not learn one word about Hemp in grade
school, high school or

Isn't it strange that the 1 medicine, the 1
fiber, the 1 food, the 1
fuel, the 1 paper and the 1 substitute for wood
can be made from Hemp
and it is illegal!! Doesn't it make you mad as
hell! You live longer
if you use Cannabis Hemp internally. You live
about 2 years longer on
life if you smoke a little in the morning and a
little at night. If
you smoke and also eat the seeds you live about
3-4 years longer on
top of that.

It is the healthiest plant for the ground and
air. Cannabis Hemp is
the only known plant that can be grown from the
Equator to the Arctic
and Antarctic Circles; from the mountains to the
valleys, from the
oceans to the plains, including arid lands and
everywhere in between.
Cannabis Hemp is the healthiest plant for the
ground out of the
300,000 known species, and the millions and
millions of subspecies of
plants on Earth, because it has a root system
that grows 10 to 12
inches in 30 days compared to one inch for rye,
barley grass, etc. The
roots penetrate up to 3, 6 and even 10 feet deep,
pulverizing the soil
and making it arable. After harvest it leaves a
root system that is
mulched into the ground, revitalizing the land
and making it live once
again. It is the KING KONG of the King Kongs of
all plant life.

We are circulating petitions to put the
California Cannabis Hemp and
Health Initiative on the state's ballot for
November 2008. This will
repeal criminal and civil penalties for Cannabis
and ban drug testing
for metabolites. It will decriminalize the
cultivation, distribution,
and possession of Hemp entirely!

One provision in the petition will order the
immediate release from
jail and prison of all non-violent Cannabis Hemp
offenders. Including
27,000 or more Californians that violated
probation or parole for
positive metabolites from marijuana. The
initiative needs 434,000
valid signatures to qualify for the ballot
(750,000 all together);
signature gathering continues through April 15,

This initiative will legalize Cannabis Hemp,
within the state of
California, for (a) industrial products, (b)
medicinal preparations,
(c) nutritional products, (d) religious and
spiritual products, and
(e) recreational and euphoric use 21 and older,
with no restrictions,
and no one will ever go to jail again because of

It provides for amnesty, immediate release from
prison, jail, parole,
and probation, and clearing, expungement, and
deletion of all criminal
records for all persons currently charged with,
or convicted of any
non-violent Cannabis Hemp marijuana offense.

This initiative protects jobs of medicinal
Cannabis patients and other
Cannabis users. It prohibits the testing for
inert and/or residual
Cannabis metabolites for the purpose of
employment or other impairment.

California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative
California Ballot Recipient Committee 1303604

We are looking for 100,000 sponsors and
contributors, but will accept
a million, to help us to immediately fund our
paid petitioner account.
100% of all funds will be used to buy validated
signatures until we
qualify, then we will use the extra money for the
November 2008
elections and we will teach the people of
California that all the
things I said in this letter, and The Emperor
Wears No Clothes was
true. Paid petitioners are currently circulating
our petition and we
need to keep them working. Your generous support
is needed and very
much appreciated. We don't have the money! We
need the money now! We
only have 8 weeks to go.

Please make checks/money orders payable to:
CCHHI08 - P.O. Box 6733 - Westlake Village, CA

Please make sure that your address and phone
number are written or
printed on checks.

Contributions over $100 must also include your
employer (campaign
reform disclosure requirements).

Info for Wire Transfers:
Union Bank of California ? Routing 122000496 ?
Account 5030038330
Wire Transfer Phone Number ?1-800-922-9473
For International transfers: Swift Number
Contact us: (bduzy at prodigy.net)

Credit card donors and PayPal account holders
please use the PayPal
button at www.calhemp08.org.

Campaign reform disclosure rules and

? We can accept donations by cash (up to $24.99),
check, money order,
wire transfer and PayPal.
? We cannot accept cash donations over $25.00.
? You must include your name and address with any
donation over $25.
? You must include your employer's name with any
donation over $100.

A few of my friends and I have sponsored 16
initiatives in California,
Oregon, Washington and Alaska. We got 8 of them
on the ballot, with 5
of them passing. We have never asked for money in
35 years. We used
our own money entirely. We need your money to get
it on the ballot
this time. If you don't, I still have 16 years
left. Many of my
friends said to wait until 2012, but most of you
will be out of a job
by then because of the Supreme Court of
California's new decision
January 24th, 2008, almost a month ago, for all
California people,
with doctors note or not, to lose their jobs
without any recourse or
compensation. We ask that you donate now, as we
are quickly running
out of time. Thank you. Get the money sent now,
spread the word to
every one you know to help us out!!! Use your
computers and phones!!

Jack Herer, Proponent

Voter registration link:


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