[Ibogaine] Ibogaine is the answer to everything: GDNF IS the strongtheoretical argument!

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I would comment that there's just not a lot of science out there that I have seen (in my limited checking), for a lot of the herbal and homeopathic remedies we all have been using for thousands of years,
so anyone expecting much science at this point for Iboga is expecting a lot, and I hope no one is really claiming scienctific data here.

I think Dana currently is just trying to justify that the "science research / evals" should begin, there's plenty of reasons. I agree. 

Efficacy and safety are the keys here at this point. The Bwiti offer some proof here. That might be scientific data for some eras.

Anyone who presents any info in this area, supporting the research would be appriciated, imo.

Offering this as science is not the correct thing to do, I agree.

Wow I agree with both of you, not bad for too early in this morning. Its spring in AZ, so fever coming on.

may love find us daily
"Love converts hearts, and gives peace."

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  Dana I have never stated that any particular ibogaine presentation should not be made. I have only directly stated that you're not the one who should be giving medical and science based ibogaine presentations. The purpose of a presentation is presumably to enlighten the audience regarding the topic and subject being presented. Your "science" based talks are to be blunt, awful. They're sloppy, incoherent and convey no new level of understanding to the audience.

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