[Ibogaine] Ibogaine is the answer to everything: GDNF IS the strong theoretical argument!

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Mon Feb 25 04:21:21 EST 2008

Dana I have never stated that any particular ibogaine presentation should
not be made. I have only directly stated that you're not the one who should
be giving medical and science based ibogaine presentations. The purpose of a
presentation is presumably to enlighten the audience regarding the topic and
subject being presented. Your "science" based talks are to be blunt, awful.
They're sloppy, incoherent and convey no new level of understanding to the

As I stated in my opening message I do believe that Dr. Wodak's abstract
begins in a biased manner. I've seen nothing in his interactions with Nick
Sandberg to indicate he will change this stance. You have a panel with a
sceptic. Accept it instead of throwing tantrums.

I've no idea what Dr. Cohen said that so "flustered Dimitri he quit after 5
minutes", while I have not been present at every panel Dimitri has ever been
part of, those I have attended are all essentially the same power to the
people speech which imparts no novel information beyond that of ibogaine
working for him and his continued efforts to dose people with ibogaine
without medical training or supervision. In New Orleans he wrapped up his
motivational talk sooner and began screaming "fuck all of you".

Be that as it may my points have nothing to do with user activism, Dimitri
gives the same speech with varying results but he doesn't spend his time
trying to impart knowledge or information he doesn't understand in the first
place. If anything he remains willfully ignorant. That's fine, it's honest,
it's user activism. No doctor or researcher needs to hear any of that, but
he doesn't carry on about science he doesn't understand. You do Dana.

Speaking of Dr. Ken Alper, I do realize that this forum is very much the
ibogaine gathering, fair enough, but I see a lot of selective editing
regarding what participants choose to share here.

Correct me if I'm wrong Mr. Beal, but at your recent Washington DC forum,
didn't Dr. Alper publicly berate Howard Lotsof for making specious claims
about ibogaine and Hep C? Didn't Dr. Alper have some additional thoughts
about your own presentation? My overall impression is that Dr. Alper had
issues with both your and Mr. Lotsof's presentations and was quite upset at
the forum with regards to the "scientific" claims being made for ibogaine.

Did you perhaps attend another ibogaine forum in another universe where this
did not happen Mr. Beal? Do you imagine that Dr. Wodak will be kinder then
an M.D. who is already firmly in the ibogaine camp and seems to be quite
sick of what's being passed off as the "science" of ibogaine?

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 4:19 PM, Dana Beal <dana at phantom.com> wrote:

> The fact remains: in the GDNF finding, there exists the strong theoretical
> argument to justify ibogaine research that Wodak is demanding.  The big
> concern right now in harm reduction circles about crystal meth, and the GDNF
> stuff shows how ibogaine works for crystal. BTW, Wodak has gotten himself
> scheduled  for the first international conference on crystal meth in Prague.
> So far my powerpoint has not.

Nor should it be. What do you know about GDNF and ibogaine Dana? When I look
up this topic, what I see is: Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center, with
Dr. Dorit Ron and colleagues. For some reason I do not find a "Dana Beal"
listed anywhere, having any publication in any journal or lay magazine,
explaining ibogaine and GDNF. I wonder why that is.

To bring this back to focus, I am aware of your activism and tireless
promotion of ibogaine over the years. I have much respect for this. I
honestly do not understand why you feel the need to give scientific or
medical presentations about ibogaine though. You contribute nothing except
making seemingly miraculous claims seem even more ridiculous. Saying that no
other M.D. or Ph.D. who is sympathetic to ibogaine will attend, so you have
to give the talks, does nothing to strengthen your claims or position.
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