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Sheldon Pelletier jadensheldon at yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 23 18:08:12 EST 2008

 Hi Randy thank you for your interest. Im sure youve posted about your experiences before but I would sure like to read about them. Also Laura and Jesse. It always inspires me to hear how different people get in contact with Iboga and the story behind it. I really enjoyed this PowerPoint and used it as a type of outline. http://www.doraweiner.org/wachtel.ppt. 
   Yeah I do need help and I need help in getting the word out. My funding got cut off right before office equipment so I dont have a webpage or anything to help with the word.  The ambulance is actually an Armada. Which is the only vehicle with 84inches space in the back for a stretcher. It was a donation to start the center and it kills on gas. http://www.edmunds.com/nissan/armada/review.html but still extremely grateful. 
   The setting here is only 10 minutes from the hostpital if I crank it. Its perfect. Not a sound. Nature all around. Comfortable. And out of the city. One day I realized Man I wish I could have detoxed here. But Ill get over it. Here is what it looks like. http://www.predatorridge.com/accommodations/lodge-details.php   
  As far as safety goes what can I say? Im not a hospital, yet. I know I can boast medical equipment and capable nurses but thats a minimum. I can say that I have some experience in providing treatments (a handful). The reason it took so long to get everything prepared is because even in canada there is absolutely no liability for what we do. So I had to get inventive. 
   As far as aftercare... After I took Iboga all I could think of is where is the it? Where are the other people who have seen what I just saw? I was aching for it. 
   So now this is my attitude. When people come here for treatment its their birthday for 5-7 days. What could we expect from them when detoxing by any other means? Dont throw up on my shoes. So I get permission to talk to their "people" while they are going through treatment to help establish a network and a plan. If they dont have support we find them some. 
   When I was at the ITH watching people go through treatments I noticed that after they achieve their fist sleep they wake up and often sometime during that day they go through a type of shock when they realize that it worked and they are free. No, you dont have to pick up your meth anymore. Yes youre fine. And then they want to talk about their experiences. Just based on that I decided to go to counselling school. I took a one year intensive course twice. Once for me, once for the travellers. It gave me a really good base. Allowed me to get out of myself to be a good listener. 
   It was really hard to get it all set up. I kind of had to put my head down and just get it done. Now that I have I was really hoping for this lists help. Im young. Im not going anywhere. I can only learn more. So thank you Randy for your reply. 
  Im doing my best to document everything really well in hopes that one day it can help to make a dent. Any suggestions in that area would be appreciated.
  Also there is an organization that is interested in Ibogaine for their HIV infected population. I have read what I can on the internet and asked a couple of doctors. I see that many poeple include HIV on their exclusion criteria. Im trying to find a reason Not too so that I can be thorough. But I cant seem to find any real reasons why we shouldnt. Any help? Links? Past experiences with Ibogaine & HIV? I will leave it at that for today. Thank you again for your time. 
  Sheldon Pelletier
  Randy Faulconer <bicuitboy714 at gmail.com> wrote:
  I think we can change that header now

Thanx Sheldon, I'm glad that you came out of the closet and
spoke up my brutha. I tried to set up getting treated at the Iboga
Therapy House back in early 04, and it just wouldn't happen. I
eventually got treated by the underground on September 28th of that
year. I'll never forget that date.

God, what you are doing up there sounds like such a great
thing to be involved in. Need some help?? He He Having an ambulance
ought to make people feel better about what they are doing. What kind
of setting do you have. Do you have people that are helping with
aftercare? I wish that Ibogaine wasn't illegal here so we could start
a house for treatments and then support afterwards. Maybe one day.

I read what I could in the article until I had to buy it, and
then came back here to write you back. I may end up subscribing, I'm
not sure. Soooooo, don't take so damn long to say anything next time,
Cool?? I'd sure like to hear more about what you're doing up there

Peace Love and Solidarity

BiscuitBoy Blues

On 2/23/08, Sheldon Pelletier wrote:
> Hey Randy I really liked the tone of your last post. Enough so that I
> thought it was the right time to ask some questions myself. Hi Gwen? is it?
> I took Ibogaine for the first time in '03. Heres an article
> http://space.newscientist.com/channel/health/drugs-alcohol/mg17823924.900
> The treatment was with Marc Emery and I was the first person he was to
> treat before the original Iboga Therapy House where I spent quite a bit of
> time. I decided then, like many people who have experience with Ibogaine,
> that I was going to stay off drugs and offer my "help". It took me this
> long, nearly six years to get a grip, get an education, and get enough
> funding for a defib., vitals monitor, ambulance, and a great setting for
> people.
> So you know its another chapter that begins with Iboga. There are a lot
> of big names on this list. And this list for me has always been a teacher.
> What choice do we have? If there are no rules there are no rules so you know
> I turn to the list for guidance. And to Africa via YouTube. And conferences
> that are documented thank you thank you thank you.
> Here in Canada there is much interest, much scrutiny, but obviously not
> the same as experienced in other parts of the world. It is difficult for me
> to find enough people to treat in order to keep providing treatments. I dont
> have the resources for a webpage but am causing quite a stir here in the
> Okanagan. So far so good. I learned a lot by watching Marc but I had the
> luxury of choosing which characteristics I wanted to mimic. Man has done a
> lot though.. Support.
> This is turning into a long message. I guess I wanted to express my
> appreciation for the people on this list. And the efforts that go out in the
> sharing of information. Also to the lists idontknowwhat but I do know that
> it totally evens out in the end. Its like salt and pepper. A little
> swearing, a little support.... and a little supportive swearing can go a
> long way too.
> Well it feels really good to say hello after six years.
> Sheldon
> Randy Faulconer wrote:
> Hey Jesse, a girl named Jesse? That rocks. My handle is
> BiscuitBoy714 I made a mistake when I got this Gmail account going and
> left the S out of Biscuitboy now people think I'm Bi sometimes. I'm
> not, but I always like to keep people guessing about where I'm coming
> from, so what the hey!! Yea, not too many people catch on to the 714
> part but that's what I'm referring to is 'Ludes. Yea I smoked 'em
> before. Where are you by the way?
> Stay with us bro :-) we need people who will speak out. Asking
> questions here is a good way to find out about things. Most everybody
> involved in the Ibo movement are reading this list, or at least hears
> about what is going on with this list. There is a wealth of info right
> here for the asking. Just ask about anything that you aren't sure of.
> If you don't feel comfortable doing so on an open forum like this you
> can get hold of me off list and I'll try and help you any way I can.
> Ignore what you don't want to hear about and concentrate on where you
> are going and what you want out of Ibogaine. Just checking out the
> links on the Mindvox site is a real good way to get started. Patrick
> Krupa, who runs this list, is a great guy and somewhat of a freak
> himself. His story is there somewhere. Check it out. As far as
> technical things, he has links to almost every thing published. The
> whole history of Ibogaine's development is a great read anyway. The
> man who discovered the withdrawal interrupting aspects of Ibo, Howard
> Lotsof, is on the list, so you're most defenitly in the right place to
> find out about it.
> Peace Love and The Ibo Family
> Randy
> On 2/21/08, jessewood at netzero.net wrote:
> > Hey Randy Thanks for writing me back with all the info. I appreciate you
> > telling me what it's about. I still want to know lots more. I like the way
> > you're calling me "Bro". I am a chick though... But you can still call me
> > "Bro" if you want :) I also like your e-mail 714 deffinately one of my
> most
> > favorites!! In the 70's I was buying them by the 100's. Did you ever smoke
> > one? I LOVED LUDES:) Later Man, Jesse
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