[Ibogaine] not interested!

Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 09:57:00 EST 2008

       Hey Jesse, a girl named Jesse? That rocks. My handle is
BiscuitBoy714 I made a mistake when I got this Gmail account going and
left the S out of Biscuitboy now people think I'm Bi sometimes. I'm
not, but I always like to keep people guessing about where I'm coming
from, so what the hey!! Yea, not too many people catch on to the 714
part but that's what I'm referring to is 'Ludes. Yea I smoked 'em
before. Where are you by the way?

     Stay with us bro :-) we need people who will speak out. Asking
questions here is a good way to find out about things. Most everybody
involved in the Ibo movement are reading this list, or at least hears
about what is going on with this list. There is a wealth of info right
here for the asking. Just ask about anything that you aren't sure of.
If you don't feel comfortable doing so on an open forum like this you
can get hold of me off list and I'll try and help you any way I can.
Ignore what you don't want to hear about and concentrate on where you
are going and what you want out of Ibogaine. Just checking out the
links on the Mindvox site is a real good way to get started. Patrick
Krupa, who runs this list, is a great guy and somewhat of a freak
himself. His story is there somewhere. Check it out. As far as
technical things, he has links to almost every thing published. The
whole history of Ibogaine's development is a great read anyway. The
man who discovered the withdrawal interrupting aspects of Ibo, Howard
Lotsof, is on the list, so you're most defenitly in the right place to
find out about it.

        Peace Love and The Ibo Family

On 2/21/08, jessewood at netzero.net <jessewood at netzero.net> wrote:
> Hey Randy Thanks for writing me back with all the info. I appreciate you
> telling me what it's about. I still want to know lots more. I like the way
> you're calling me "Bro". I am a chick though... But you can still call me
> "Bro" if you want :) I also like your e-mail 714 deffinately one of my most
> favorites!! In the 70's I was buying them by the 100's. Did you ever smoke
> one? I LOVED LUDES:) Later Man, Jesse
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