[Ibogaine] not interested!

Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 15:05:33 EST 2008

        Hey bro, hearing you say that about your couneslor makes me
kind of chuckle 'cause that's exactly what I said. "If there was
something that does what Ibogaine does wouldn't everybody know it? If
there were I would know for sure 'cause I've done every drug known to
man". Well, I was wrong, and so is she. Ibogaine won't "CURE" your
addiction but it will get you through the withdrawal with minimal
sickness. You will feel a little residual withdrawal but nothing like
trying to kick without it. I know this because I came off of 80 mgs
myself and had been on as much as 230 mg if you count what I took from
the clinic (130) and the 10 10 mg tab a day I got from dealing it.

     The deaths from Ibogaine have been looked at very closely bro.
Fact is that no other detox deaths have been talked about so much, and
looked at so closely by the people involved in the method they do. All
of the other methods are pretty hush hush about their deaths, and
there are quite a few. Detox is just dangerous no matter how you do
it. If you follow the methods set by some of the people who do this
including a couple of doctors the risks are very low. Blood work for
liver panels, and ECG to look at your heart, plus being checked out
very closly by your provider for mental issues, his or yours, :-) and
any other concerns, it all goes very safely. I went through it, and so
did most of the people here on this list. Keep asking questions about
the things that pertain to you that you want or need help with. Most
folks around here are quite helpful and we only cuss when it helps to
vent, or to get a laugh.

       Peace Love and Togetherness

On 2/21/08, jessewood at netzero.net <jessewood at netzero.net> wrote:
> Hi Randy, I'm on Methadone and have been daily for 5 years. I go to a clinic
> and I'm on 90mg for oppiate addiction. I've never been so addicted to
> anything in my life as I am this Methadone. So naturally when I heard about
> the Ibogaine on a support forum for Meth. I was curious as to what it was.
> Since then I've had a appt. with the head director at my clinic to discuss
> this and she said that yes she's heard of it and the fact is that
> absolutely nothing as of yet will cure any addiction. If something out here
> did, then wouldn't everyone be cured? I just don't like having all of these
> e-mails on my list. It's seems it's just people arguing back and forth. Also
> it seems to me that the Ibogaine is not safe. I've since read that you can
> die from it! My curiousity has been fullfilled and I just don't need this
> taking over my mail list. Thanks Dude:) Later, Love, Jesse
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